10 One-Day Garden Projects You Can Start Now (With Tutorials)

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10 One-Day Garden Projects You Can Start Now

If you looking for easy garden projects to make your green space more productive and more beautiful, we will share with you in this post 10 one-day garden projects you can start today that will offer you some creative ideas not be difficult to realize for anyone.

1. Pallet Walkway

This cute garden walkway took about an hour to create. (More details)

2. Topsy Turvey Flower Planter

A great addition to any home landscaping and it is really easy to do! (Tutorial)

3. Easy Fire Pit

Just one afternoon is all it takes to build this rustic brick fire pit! (Tutorial)

4. Small Vase Fountain

A garden without a fountain is body without soul. (Tutorial)

5. A Watering Can That Pours Crystals


This would look so cool hanging in the garden! (Tutorial)

6. Hanging Planters Made from Recycled Bottles

Hanging Planters Made from Recycled Bottles

Make your own hanging planters using recycled plastic bottles and paint. (Tutorial)

7. Create Glowing Orbs for Your Yard

Create Glowing Orbs for Your Yard

Those are sooo cool! (Tutorial)

8. Make a small garden fountain

make a small garden fountain

Make your backyard even more inviting with this small garden fountain (Tutorial)

9. Make a Flower Tower

Flower Tower

What a gorgeous and awesome DIY project for your backyard (Tutorial)

10. Pallet Swing Bed

This swing bed can be made as simply as just using a pallet and rope. Then add a mattress and some pillows for a comfortable addition to your backyard. (Tutorial)


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