11 wonderful rooftop garden design ideas that will amaze you

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11 wonderful rooftop garden design ideas that will amaze you

Rooftop gardens are always beautiful and attractive. Having a garden on your rooftop will make it not only beautiful but also appealing. You will automatically start spending more time there. Rooftop gardensΒ are amazing sitting areas where you can enjoy peace and nature especially if you live in a city. Whether you already have a garden on your rooftop or you are planning on having one, here are some wonderful rooftop garden designs that will inspire you to have an outstanding rooftop garden.

  1. Open rooftop garden

Open rooftop garden

Keeping your garden open is an excellent way to make it look big even if it is small. This design idea suits people who do not have much rooftop space. This small garden will make your rooftop an extremely pleasant area. However, this design will not provide you with much privacy unless you add a fence.

2. Tall plants and trees

rooftop garden design

Tall trees and plants constitute a beautiful garden as well as they form a shield against your neighbors’ eyes. This design will help you preserve your privacy and tranquility It will be your sanctuary from the city. Besides, it is extremely inexpensive. Tall plants and trees are usually cheap.

3. Raised bed garden

roof top

This is one of the most beautiful rooftop garden design ideas. This idea will allow you to grow some plants and bring nature to your rooftop while preserving its contemporary design. You could create either wooden or metal raised beds. Both are decorative. You could also create them in any size you wish. But, this design is not very inexpensive.

4. Contemporary rooftop garden design

rooftop garden

This is an amazing design that will transform your rooftop into a fascinating sitting area. It is beautiful, modern, and most of all, it is extremely elegant. Besides, it is very diversified. It contains different items of different sizes. However, all the items blend in perfectly together. In brief, this design will make your rooftop garden your favorite place.

5. Simple rooftop garden

rooftop garden 11

rooftop garden

A simple garden design on your rooftop is sometimes enough to make it astonishing. For illustration, the above two pictures contain two extremely alluring and ornamental designs. These designs are quite simple and they don’t contain a lot of elements and plants. Yet, they are wonderful. They prove that you only need a garden and some furniture to make your rooftop fascinating.

6. Garden waterfall

water featuret

If you are looking for an eye-grabbing design that will completely transform your rooftop, you should opt for this garden design. With this design, your rooftop will become an extremely entertaining space that you will never get bored of it.

7. A well-lit Graden

small roof terrace garden lighting

This design will not only light up your rooftop but it will also create a very peaceful, passionate and romantic atmosphere. This design will make your rooftop a very relaxing area where you will enjoy an extremely interesting view of nature.

8. A colored rooftop garden

small roof terrace garden ideas 4

Nothing is better than adding some colors to make your rooftop beautiful and joyful. Colorful furniture and colorful plants are enough to make any rooftop gorgeous. Moreover, sitting in a colorful place will relieve you from stress and pressure. Colors have a good impact on the human psychology.

9. Rooftop vertical garden design

small terrace floor

Rooftop vertical gardens are very ornamental and practical. They are extremely beautiful. They will add so much elegance and charm to your rooftop. Besides, they don’t occupy any space. Having a rooftop vertical garden will allow you to enjoy a lot of free space on your rooftop.

10. An elegant rooftop garden

 Roof Terrace Garden Design

Although this design is not a budget-friendly design, it is worth having. This expensive alluring design will allow you to have a heavenly rooftop garden. This design is definitely one of the most elegant designs I have ever seen. I love the flooring but it is obviously the most expensive part.

11. A large rooftop garden

beautiful rooftop garden 3

This is one of the most beautiful rooftop gardens. It is just amazing. However, you will need to have a big rooftop in order to have this adorable garden.

These are the most beautiful rooftop garden design ideas. These design ideas will make your rooftop an extremely pleasant place.

I hope you liked these design ideas, if you did, don’t hesitate to share them with your friends, they will appreciate it.

Enjoy creating your rooftop garden!

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