12 DIY gorgeous Tiny Planters That Will Blow Your Mind

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Tiny planters are a type of planters that are commonly used for decoration rather than planting. The purpose of using tiny planters is to adorn tables, desks and so on and so forth. In this post, we will provide you with a collection of the most decorative gorgeous tiny planters that you could use to embellish your place, office, balcony and basically anything you want to embellish.

Tiny planters are very small thus they are able to fit into any space allowing them to be the most flexible decoration. Take a look at the below gorgeous tiny planters and choose your favorite.

1. Chess pieces reused and transformed into tiny planters

Chess pieces can be planted with tiny plants and used for decorations. It an ideal idea for offices.

2. Wine corks turned into tiny planters


Bottle corks are also adequate to be used as planters. You will have a drill a small hole at their tops and plant your tiny plant in the holes.

3. Tooth tiny planters DIY


4. Egg planter DIY


5. Bracelet DIY tiny planter


6. Tiny flower pots for you

Tiny flowers pots are beautiful and attractive thus they are ideal to use as small planters. They are also very ornamental.

7. Pair of corks DIY planter

This is another design that is based on bottle corks.

8. Plastic egg DIY planter

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Plastic eggs are cheap and they are wide and deep enough to provide your plants with the adequate room it needs to grow and survive.

9. Baby bottle DIY planter


10. Baby food jar DIY planter

If you have a baby you will definitely have a lot of baby food jars. Don’t throw them away. They can be very beautiful planters.

11. Square DIY tiny planter


12. Elephant DIY planter for kids

These are a few examples of decorative small planters. The best part of these planters is that you don’t have to buy them, they are made of materials that you probably have. All you need to create one of these lovely planters is time and a bit of effort.

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