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If you are looking for new creative garden ideas you came to the right place. Many gardeners are looking for new creative projects for their gardens. Therefore, in this post, we collected a bunch of fantastic garden ideas that will inspire you. Besides, these ideas are quite simple and they are very easy to duplicate. What are you waiting for then?! go ahead and check them out, they are below.


  1. Greenhouse

Have you ever thought of building a greenhouse of an old window? Well, it is an amazing practical idea. You should definitely try it.

2. DIY Wall Mounted Succulent Plant Letter

This is an adorable garden idea that will allow you to decorate your place in a wonderful way.

3. DIY Porch Bench

Adding a wooden bench to your porch is an excellent way to decorate and to create an extra sitting area.

4. Succulent Toy Trucks

These cute trucks are perfect to decorate your garden or your indoor. They are so small that they can fit basically anywhere you want them.

5. Spring Butterfly Stepping Stones

This is definitely one of the most beautiful pathways. This amazing pathway is also very strong. It handles traffic amazingly and it will definitely last for several years.

6. Topsy Turvy Garden Pot Planters & Bird Bath


7. Wagon Wheel Garden


8. Plastic Bottle Green House

Have you ever seen a greenhouse made of plastic bottles? none of us really did. This is the first time I see one and I am totally impressed. This is definitely a creative garden idea.

9. Terra Cotta Pot Turtles

10. Tree Stump Planters

Turning your tree stamp to a planter is a good way to decorate your garden and save some money. Killing a tree stump is a bit expensive. Therefore, spending time on repurposing it os more beneficial than spending time on killing it.

11. My Grandkids Rock

Many gardeners use rocks as decorative items. They paint them in their favorite colors and they carve different stuff on them. It is a cool idea.

12. Painted Clay Pot Minions


13. Boat Garden Planters

Old boats can be transformed into planters. It is better than throwing them away.

14. DIY River Rock Garden Markers


15. Painted Golf Ball Garden Lady Bugs


16. Succulent Turtle Topiary


17. Terra Cotta Clay Pot Pigs


18. DIY Pond

Nothing is more decorative than building a pond in your garden. Ponds are definitely one of the best additions to gardens.

19. Decorated Garden Tree Stump

This is another garden idea that demonstrates that tree stumps are better repurposed than killed.

20. White Bicycle Planter

These are the most fantastic garden ideas and DIY yard projects. I am sure that some of these ideas appealed to you. Don’t hesitate to duplicate them. They are all DIY projects thus they will cost you neither much money nor much effort.

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