23 Fascinating Terrace garden designs that will astonish you

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23 Fascinating Terrace garden designs that will astonish you

Terrace gardens are popular for two main reasons. First, they are extremely beautiful and decorative. They will transform your rooftop into an urban oasis. Second, they are very practical. They will allow you to practice gardening even if you don’t have any piece of land. In this post, we included several terrace garden designs that will not only allow you to garden but also allow you to have a natural paradise. Scroll down and take a look at these amazing designs.

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This is one of the chicest terrace garden designs. This design is very attractive and beautiful. However, you will need to have certain DIY skills in order to recreate this design yourself. Otherwise, you will need the help of a professional.

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At the first glance, this garden does not look like a rooftop garden but it is. This ravishing terrace garden design is easy to duplicate. It requires that you grow tall plants around your rooftop for privacy, then, add some furniture. The furniture and the plants are not expensive but the flooring is.

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When it comes to terrace gardening, lighting is extremely significant. It will ameliorate the look of your garden and make your plants more beautiful as well as it will brighten up the evenings you spend in your terrace garden.

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This is a completely amazing terrace garden design. It is simple and elegant. It is also very attractive. This design will turn your rooftop into an amazing sitting area. Besides, this design will protect your privacy.

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Flowering plants are an ideal choice to have an astonishing terrace garden. Just like this design, you could use different species with different colors and when they bloom, you will have a pleasantly unique view to look at.

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I like this design. It is contemporary and suitable for both small and big rooftops. Although it does not contain a lot of furniture, it is eye-grabbing and attractive.

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This is one of the most remarkable terrace garden designs. It is small, beautiful and appealing. The addition of the mirror is a smart move. It makes space looks large.

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This design is for people who live in the city center where they are surrounded by tall buildings. If it is your case, we highly recommend that you opt for this open space terrace garden design.

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This is a very elegant terrace garden design. It is also cost-effective since all the plants used in this design such as conifers, are inexpensive plants.

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This design is unfortunately not a DIY project. All the items in this design are made by professionals including the containers and the choice of plants. The plants in this design require sunlight which is an extremely smart choice of plants.

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This exceptional design will give an extremely beautiful terrace garden as well as a ravishing and pleasant outdoor living space. It includes a relaxing sitting area, a kitchen, and a bar. You will love living there.

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The design is based on the natural material. It is an adorable design. It is the best way to bring nature to your rooftop. The beds are made of woods and the floor is made of stones. A tree stamp is used as sitting chair. All of these natural elements make this design fantastic. Besides, all these elements are cheap which makes this design one of the most inexpensive terrace garden designs.

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This design contains many colors. It will definitely make your rooftop colorful. I like the choice of shrubs. They are becoming more and more decorative.

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The flooring style of this design is what makes it wonderful. This flooring style is absolutely amazing and unique. It will definitely make your rooftop absolutely attractive and eye-grabbing.

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This is a stylish colorful design. This design requires a large rooftop. If you have one, you should definitely choose this design. It will not only make your rooftop beautiful but also pleasant and entertaining.

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Even a small number of plants, if they are well coordinated, are able to make a fabulous terrace garden. For example, this designs contains a couple of planters, yet it is very impressive.

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This design is perfect for balconies and small rooftops. Having a couple of big plants is better than having a large number of small plants if you have limited space on your rooftop.

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Raised beds are an excellent choice to have a decorative terrace garden. They are beautiful and they will allow you to grow many plants. If you use wooden raised beds, make sure the rest of the furniture is made of woods in order to blend in well together.

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This design is ideal for people who want to have a beautiful terrace garden without planting too many plants.

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This alluring terrace garden design is simply what you relax and have some peaceful time. It will make your rooftop an extremely pleasant place. Besides, it is not an expensive design.

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This design is perfect to have a large sitting area on your rooftop. It will allow you to gather with your friends and your family members and have a nice evening together.

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What I love the most about this design is the use of solar lights. It is a very smart idea. All rooftops receive a lot of sunlight, thus adding solar lights will provide you with free lighting.

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If you are looking for a private rooftop garden, this design is for you. Most of the terrace garden designs are open you can’t enjoy your privacy in them. This design is different, it will keep your private space private.

These are the most Fascinating Terrace garden designs. These designs will completely transform your rooftop. Moreover, all of these designs are affordable. They are not expensive at all.

I hope you have liked these designs. If you are planning on duplicating one of these designs, don’t forget to let us know which one and why. We will be glad to help you and to provide you with more information.

Enjoy transforming your rooftop and don’t forget to share our posts with your friends!

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