25 Unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden

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Vertical gardening is an excellent way to decorate your house. It requires no space and it is the perfect way to add ornaments to empty walls. Besdies, vertical gardening is easier than traditional gardening. You could easily access your plants and give them the care they require. In this article, we will display 25 Unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden. Check them out

Succulent Letters

Succulents are among the most popular decorative plants. These plants are widely used for vertical gardening due to their sturdy nature. They tolerate drought, abuse, neglect and many other poor growing conditions. They also survive for years. They are an excellent choice for a vertical garden.

Leather and Wood Trellis

This is definitely one of the Unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden. This vertical garden is modern and completely astonishing. It will definitely adorn any room beautifully.

Stand-Alone Wall

Vertical gardening is not only meant for indoor gardening but also for outdoor gardening. If you lack space in your garden, here is a unique way to plant more plants.

DIY Wall Planter

This another beautiful way to decorate your indoors with a vertical garden. This vertical garden will make any room in your house elegant and charming.

Stacked Crates

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

This is definitely a nice touch to add to your front door. You could also use to decorate your rooms.

Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter

Hanging gardens are one of the most beautiful ways to bring nature to your place.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

This is another Unique Way to Plant a Vertical Garden. This vertical garden does not only embellish your kitchen but it also makes it easier for you to access your herbs and use them.

Recycled Pockets

Upcycled Dresser

Hanging Planter

Vertical gardens are the best way to save space. They give you the gardening experience you aspire to live without occupying any space.

Pallet Garden

Minimalist Vertical Garden

Wooden boxes are one of the most common materials for vertical gardens. They are cheap and they can be painted in any color to suit your outdoor or indoor.

Recycled Soda Bottles

Creating a vertical garden is inexpensive and easy to do. Besides, vertical gardens provide you with the space you need to plant as many plants as you want. This is an example of how simple materials can be an extremely unique vertical garden.


Shoe Organizer

Lattice Vertical Garden

Leaning Bookshelf

Stacked Pots

Hanging Buckets

Hanging baskets is definitely one of the and unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden. They are extremely decorative and can be hung in any room.

Stacked Planters

Mason Jar Planter

Hanging mason jars is an excellent idea to garden while decorating your indoor. You can plant any kind of indoor plants in them.


Succulent trays are very popular and widely used for indoor decoration. There is no doubt they are one of the most Unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden.

Pot Hangers

Rain Gutters

These are the most beautiful and the most Unique Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden. You could use of these samples of vertical garden indoors or outdoors. Either way, they are a beautiful and extremely pleasant decoration.

Enjoy your gardening and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

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