4 Easy At-home Exercises to Tone Your Abs & Strengthen Your Core

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If you want to firm up your stomach, you’re not alone. In the quest to lose weight and get in shape, many people focus on eliminating their belly fat as a primary target.

While it may be difficult to lose fat locally, you can tighten and tone your abdominal muscles (and the rest of your body) with these easy at-home 5 exercises.

Squat with dumbbells

Stand tall, with your feet spread wide and your hips turned outward slightly.

Keep your elbows close to your body and a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your chest.

Squat by bending at the hips, knees, and ankles.

Continue to lower your hips until they are just below your knees.

To get up, push your feet down and get back to where you started.

Perform 10 reps, rest, and repeat for two to three sets.



Get down on all fours with your hands flat on the floor, slightly out from your shoulders but still in a straight line.

From the shoulders to the ankles, the body should be straight.

Squeeze your abs as hard as you can and keep them tight.

Reduce your body weight until your chest almost touches the floor, keeping your elbows tucked in close to your torso.

Go back to your starting position after a brief pause.

Perform 20 repetitions.


Elbow-knee side plank

Put yourself in a side plank position. With the forearm on the ground.

Then, bring the elbow of the unsupported arm to the knee. Then cross your arm over your

head and leg. That is a repetition.

Perform 15 reps on each side.


V crunches

Deeply inhale as you lift your chest and legs off the ground. Keep your gaze forward to help your body align.

Arms must be parallel to the ground. Legs raised, trunk tilted back.

Hold this pose for 10 breaths in and out.

Rep this pose 5 times, resting for 15 seconds in between.

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