5 Super Simple Exercises To Firm Up Loose Arms

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As time passes or due to a lack of physical activity, both women and men may encounter a common aesthetic concern: loose skin on the arms. Fortunately, there’s no need to fret, as regular exercise can provide a solution. These exercises focus on strengthening the triceps muscles, which play a key role in maintaining tight skin.

By developing stronger triceps, loose skin can gradually firm up and become less noticeable. In this article, we’ll explore five effective exercises to help tighten loose skin on the arms.


Starting Position: Begin in a push-up position, maintaining a straight line from head to heels, with your hands positioned under your shoulders.


  1. Lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows.
  2. Push back up to the starting position, fully extending your arms.
  3. Perform 15 to 20 push-ups.

Triceps Dips

Starting Position: Place your hands shoulder-width apart on a stable bench or chair behind you.


  1. Slide your buttocks to the front of the bench and extend your legs in front.
  2. Keep your arms extended with a slight bend in your elbows to maintain tension on the triceps.
  3. Keep your back close to the bench, slowly bend your elbows, lowering your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle.
  4. Push down on the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. This completes one repetition.
  5. Aim for 15 to 20 repetitions per set and aim for two to three sets.

Dumbbell Roller Folded Forward

Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in both hands.


  1. Keep your knees slightly bent and your palms facing inward with the dumbbells down.
  2. Bend at the waist, leaning your body forward while maintaining a straight back.
  3. Keep your head up and your back parallel to the floor.
  4. Extend your arms perpendicular to the floor and your body, allowing the dumbbell to hang in front of you.
  5. Perform 15 to 20 repetitions per set, aiming for two to three sets.

Triceps Extension

Starting Position: Sit in a chair with a sports ball in your hands behind your head.

1. Raise the sports ball above your head until both arms are fully extended, feeling the resistance in your muscles.

2. Lower the ball to the starting position, keeping your arms close to your head and your elbows tucked in.

  • Do 15 to 20 reps per set. Try to complete 3 sets.


  • While doing this exercise, remember to move only your forearms and keep your upper arm static, breathing normally.
  • Use your triceps to lift the sports ball.

Triceps kickback with dumbbells

Starting Position: Place your left knee and left palm on the bench, while the right leg is next to the bench. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand, keeping the elbow at a 90-degree angle.

1. Raise your right hand with the dumbbell back, making it parallel to the floor.

2. Hold the dumbbell for a moment, then return it to the starting position and perform one repetition.

Repeat: Perform 15 to 20 reps with one arm, then switch sides.


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