9 Creative Garden Ideas and Landscaping Tips

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From pretty planters to colorful garden plans, we’ve got creative ways to breathe new life into your garden and outdoor living spaces. Find ideas for shade gardens, DIY planter boxes, house plant arrangements, hanging baskets, backyard landscaping and more.

Design a Colorful Front-Yard Garden

Front yard landscaping idea with container plants and flower beds.

These garden beds offsets the geometrical shape of the house and offers space for a variety of plants with year-round interest. This landscape includes a garden path, foundation plants and a shrub bed and features a mix of flowers and foliage.

Build a Planter Box

DIY copper and cedar planter box.

Build a Planter Box This DIY cedar planter box with copper accents hides plant containers, making it easy to swap them out with the seasons.

Start a Sidewalk Garden

Container plants in a sidewalk garden.

This colorful sidewalk garden bed adds life to the space close to the curb, where it can be shared with others. Three large terra cotta containers in front serve as a focal point.

Plant an Entryway Flower Garden

Flower bed garden in front of home next to porch.

This corner flower bed ensures that every time you enter or leave your house, you’ll be greeted with bright blooms. Plants in a self-contained bed can grow to their full potential because they have no competition from trees, shrubs, or turf.

Anchor a Garden with Evergreens

Garden in front of home with low-maintenance evergreen plants.

This dwarf evergreen garden bed looks great year-round. And, once established, it takes less maintenance and watering than a typical flowerbed.

Fill Up a Shady Corner with Colorful Plants

Colorful foliage plants and shade-loving flowers in a shady corner garden bed.

Plant a small corner garden where you can see and enjoy it every day. This small-space shade garden can be planted in an afternoon, instantly adding curb appeal to a front entryway.

Grow Vertically in Small Spaces

Small balcony garden with vertical planter and containers.

This small balcony garden — which also works for space-challenged patios and decks — finds the perfect balance between beauty, privacy and practicality. With multiple planting levels, there’s room for both edibles and ornamentals.

Create a Backyard Retreat

Backyard gazebo with landscaping ideas, outdoor lighting, and garden decor.

Let lighting and landscaping turn a backyard into an enchanting escape — day or night. Ring an outdoor structure with massed plantings to blend the area into the landscape.

Find Ideas for Beautiful Planters

Creative planters and container garden ideas.

People love container gardens — and it’s easy to understand why. They allow you to grow flowers and plants almost anywhere, which means you get to show off your creativity in unexpected places.

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