Beautiful low maintenance indoor plants with a wonderful view for decoration

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low maintenace indoor plants for decoration

Growing indoor plants is one of the best ways to enjoy gardening. In many cases, having an indoor garden is better than having an outdoor garden. Indoor, gardens are easier to take care of, they are more decorative and they don’t die especially if you choose low maintenance indoor plants.

Low-maintenance indoor plants, they don’t just save your time and energy, they also clean up the environment you live in. In this article, we display a selection of low maintenance indoor plants that are stunning decoration tools and they survive for a long time with the minimum care offered.

However, the low maintenance indoor plants in this article are not completely indestructible. They can tolerate, neglect and abuse but if you completely ignore them, they will eventually die. They are sturdy but they require your care once in a while. Check them out and opt for the one that suits your decor best.

1. African Violets

African Violets

These beauties are one of the most popular indoor plants. They are extremely beautiful and extremely decorative. They bloom several times every year allowing you to enjoy a unique view several times per year. These low maintenance indoor plants need moist soil and an indirect bright sunlight and they will survive for years.

2. Peperomia


There are a lot of varieties of Peperomia that are suitable to grow indoor such as watermelon, red-edge and ripple peperomias. These beautiful low maintenance indoor plants are known to flourish and thrive even in poor condition. They are beautiful colorful plants that will definitely add color and brightness t your house.

Peperomia requires a slightly humid environment to survive for decades. You should also water it occasionally. Make sure the soil is completely dry before you water it.  You can get this stunning plant on for 10 dollars.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

This is a remarkable low-maintenance house plant that has an exceptional look. It is one of the best plants that add greenery and nature to your indoor. It has been popular for years and its popularity keeps increasing because of its unusual view and capacity to endure rough conditions.

Spider plant requires moist soil and medium lightning conditions to thrive. It survives if these conditions are not available though. However, one thing that it does not survive without is weekly watering. You can get this amazing plant on Amazon for 8 bucks.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of the most fashionable plants for indoor decoration. They are widely used to decorate indoor space because of their bright white color that blends well with walls and furniture. Besides being a stunning indoor decor, according to NASA, this plant is one of the plants that purify the air the most.

Peace lilies are also popular because they are really low maintenance indoor plants. They grow best in low light environments which makes them ideal for indoor decoration where you don’t have a lot of windows. They require moist soil to grow. Walmart offers you Peace Lily for just 3 bucks.

5. Aloe


Aloe is one of the most low-maintenance indoor plants among the succulent varieties. It is known for its eye-catching spike leaves. Aloe is commonly used for decorating desks and tables. It usually grows up 3 feet tall, but, there are smaller varieties.

Just like any other succulent variety, Aloe likes dry soil and a lot of sunlight exposure. You can purchase this lovely decorative small plant at for 4 dollars. 

6. English Ivy

English Ivy

This is one of the sturdiest low-maintenance indoor plants as well as one of the most beautiful and elegant climbing plants. English Ivy is highly used for decoration. It is popular because it is only beautiful and attractive, but it is also easy to grow and maintain.

In fact, this gorgeous indoors plant that tolerates poor conditions can grow in 3 to 4 weeks. offers a fair price for English Ivy. It is available for 5 dollars.

7. Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree

Its scientific name is Dracaena marginata. It is a very decorative beautiful plant, yet it is a very toxic plant for dogs and cats. Therefore, for safety reasons, keep it high away from your pets. Dragon tree is known for being a very tough decorative plant that does not require constant observation and care.

8. Calathea


Calathea or “Peacock plants” are decorative indoor plants that are widely spread. Their beauty lays in their foliage. They have a quite colorful foliage that includes purple, green, pink, and red. This adorable plant prefers shady places. It does not like brightness. You should also keep its soil moist.

9. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants or rubber trees are known to be outdoor plants as they may reach 10 feet tall. However, there are indoors varieties that don’t exceed 8 feet in height.  You could also keep your rubber tree small by punning it.  Rubber plants are a popular indoor ornament because of their shining green leaves that grab the attention.

They are extremely low maintenance indoor plants that only require a medium to bright lightning and occasional watering. They are available at for 10 bucks.

10. Bromeliad


The Bromeliad, one of the most beautiful and long lasting members of the Bromeliaceae family, is a popular stunning decoration. This low maintenance houseplant is a unique decorative tool. It will make your interior colorful and joyful. It is a great way to make your indoor a relaxing atmosphere.

11. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

It is a beautiful succulent variety that originates from South Africa. This plant is not only a low maintenance plant but it is almost indestructible. If you water this plant it will grow, if you don’t it will not die but rather will enter a coma.  This plant lives at least for 20 years. It is available at for 10 bucks

Since succulent is the most low-maintenance plants, you could check these amazing decorative succulent gardens.

11. Kalanchoe


This is another splendid low maintenance indoor succulent plant. This plant is known for being a drought-tolerant plant. It also tolerates a lot of other harsh conditions including temperature swing. Kalanchoe is considered one of the most beautiful succulent plants, thus, it is a nice decorative tool with an extremely noticeable color.

If you live in a hot area and you want to bring some nature to your house, you should try self-watering containers or drought-tolerant plants. Either way, you will enjoy a successful indoor gardening experience.

12. beaucarnea recurvata

beaucarnea recurvata

It is commonly known as the Ponytail Palm. This is a highly decorative low maintenance plant with an extremely exceptional shape. It originates from Mexico, thus, it is natural that it does not like much watering. This plant grows slowly but once it does, it survives for years.

13. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid

This plant made it to our list because it is a member of the Orchid family. Orchids are known to be very sturdy plants. They are tough and they can survive many rough conditions. Phalaenopsis Orchid is the most delicate member of this family. It is a low maintenance plant as long as you grow it in a humid area.

Besides being the most delicate, this plant is the most beautiful and the most decorative member of the Orchid family. It has a unique color that will take your breath away. It serves as the centerpiece of any room. It is just amazing to look at.

14. Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron

These plants are native to Brazil, Mexico, and west indies. There are a lot of varieties of Philodendron that can grow indoors, but, heartleaf Philodendron is the easiest plant to grow indoors. Heartleaf Philodendron is marked with its dark green heart-shaped leaves. It is beautiful and it is inexpensive. It costs 5 dollars on Amazon.

15. Begonia


Begonia is a well-known decorative plant that comes in different foliage colors and patterns. It is very popular and widely used for indoor decoration. This plant is elegant and it does not require much attention. All you need to do is to water it occasionally and the plant will survive for years.

16. Pothos


This is the most air purifying indoor plant. It will clean up the air you are breathing and create a healthy environment for you and your family. Moreover, it is the most sturdy plant in this list. It will survive all kind of abuse from irregular watering to a poor quality soil.

Besides, this plant is a very ornamental plant. It is a vine plant, hence, most of the time it is grown in hanging baskets from decorative purposes. It is indeed a nice decoration. Most of all, what makes this plant extremely popular is that is widely available and it is not expensive at all. Amazon sells it for 3 dollars.

If you like vine plants, take a look at these amazing decorative vine plants. You could also read about these beautiful hanging decorations.

17. Dieffenbachia


This is an excellent choice for window decoration or top table decoration. This highly low maintenance plant is categorized among the prettiest houseplants. This gorgeous plant requires a moist soil and a medium lightening to survive. This beauty will cost you 10 dollars on

18. Sansevieria


Sansevieria has many names including mother-in-law’s tongue and ribbon plant. But, it is mostly known as the Snake Plant due to its unique shape like a snake. This is a unique plant. Besides being decorative and eye-catching, this plant thrives on being neglected. In fact, it likes to be potbound.

The spider plant is a perfect decorative tool for busy people who don’t have any time to dedicate to their plants. You can completely forget about it, yet it will thrive to adorn your place. This unique plant is a bit expensive in comparison with the other plants in this list. You can buy it from for 31 dollars.



If you want to cheer up your house and make it joyful, Ficus is an ideal choice. It is one of the most low-maintenance indoor plants. It possesses shiny leaves that will add greenery and joy to your place. It will also provide a lovely tidy topiary effect if you braid its stems.

For Ficus to thrive, don’t water it until you make sure that the soil is already dry and expose it to full sunlight. You can purchase this adorable plant on Amazon for 18 bucks.



It is named the Shamrock plant because of its bright green leaves that look like a shamrock. It is a beautiful plant that will definitely adorn any space of your indoor. It only needs indirect sunlight and weekly watering. Provide the two and this plant will survive for years. Etsy offers this plant for 5 dollars.

These are the best 20 low maintenance indoor plants to adorn your place. They are easy to grow and easy to maintain. Besides they are selected because of their decorative value. They are extremely ornamental and will undoubtedly add a beautiful view to your place.

If you wish to see more decorative indoor garden ideas, you could check these stunning large houseplants or these amazing air plants display ideas. You could also use flowers as decorative tools for your place. They are extremely charming.

Have fun gardening and adorning your house.

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