Best drought tolerant flowers for indoor and outdoor decoration

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best drought tolerant flowers

Whether you live in a hot area where it does not rain much or you just want to reduce the amount of water you use in your garden, here are the best decorative low maintenance flowers that will serve both purposes. In this article, you will find the best drought tolerant flowers that will beautifully decorate your indoor or outdoor.

Drought tolerant flowers can survive for a long time without water making it easy for you to care for them. They don’t require your consistent attention and observation. Besides, many drought-tolerant flowers are so beautiful that they are used for ornamentation.

If you are looking for a decorative flower that consumers neither your time nor your water, you will definitely find it in the below list of the best drought tolerant flowers.

1. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea is the quintessential drought tolerant flower. It can endure abuse, tough conditions, and neglection. This colorful plan is very popular and widely used for decoration. Besides, it is easy to grow.

2. Gaillardia


Gaillardia is commonly known as the blanket flower. It is the most adaptable flower variety. The blanket flower is one of the best drought tolerant flowers. It is generally used for outdoor decor, but, some people also use it for indoor decor.

What makes this flower unique is not the fact that she does not need watering, but the fact that you can grow this flower in summer and in winter. In other words, this flower can be grown whenever you want to grow it.

3. Verbena


This is a heat-loving flower. It needs little water to thrive. Verbena prefers sunny spots. You will need to provide full sun and well-drained soil for this flower. Verbena is an ideal decoration to cover the ground.

4. Lantana


Lantana is one of the most popular best drought tolerant flowers. It is popular not only because of its colorful flowers but also because it is one of the most fragrant flowers. It is widely used for indoor decoration as it makes the house smells great. If you are looking for a colorful, decorative and smelling low maintenance flower, then Lanta is what you have been looking for.

5. Wallflower


This is another pleasant-smelling flower that endures harsh conditions and heat. Wallflowers grow in a full sun and they don’t require much watering. They decorate your garden and release a beautiful refreshing scent.

6. Oleander


Oleander is an extremely popular plant used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It is best known for producing beautiful pleasant smelling flowers in different colors like yellow, pink, red, white and purple. This flower tolerates hot and dry climates and it grows in a full sun.

7. Poppy


Poppy is gardeners’ most popular choice for gardens and patios because of its full of live color. It is also a low maintenance flower that needs only sunlight exposure and moderate watering.

8. Sedum


Sedum is an extremely tough flower that tolerates drought well. It is one of the strongest plants that endures harsh conditions such as poor soil. Sedum needs watering once a week in hot climates and once a month in moderate weather.

9. Adenium


It is commonly known as the desert flower. Adenium can be found in gardens or as houseplants. It is a real low maintenance plant that needs occasional watering to thrive.

10. Yarrow


This beautiful flower is not only drought resistant but it is also pests resistant. It comes and different colors and it is widely used for indoor decoration. It only requires well-drained soil and heavy sunlight exposure.

11. Mojave Sage

Mojave Sage

Mojave Sage is the most beautiful flower of the sage family. It is a beautiful decorative addition to any garden. It requires occasional watering, well-drained soil and a full sun to grow and thrive.

12. Lavender


This flower is not only one of the best drought tolerant flowers, but also one of the most attractive ones. It has a completely unique fragrant smell. Lavender comes in white and purple. It is a low maintenance flower that decorates well any garden.

13. Lamb’s Ears

Lamb's Ears

the Lamb’s Ears is a unique ground cover that serves as an excellent foil for any plant in your garden. They are attractive and they don’t need much attention. All they require is a full sun and well-drained soil.

14. Coneflowers


This is a very sturdy flower that resists well drought. It comes in different colors such as purple, yellow, white, red, pink or orange. Due to their delicate appearance, they are an ideal choice for outdoor decoration.

15. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

The flower sage family is known for being one of the best drought-tolerant varieties. The Russian sage is among the toughest flowers of the sage family. It is highly attractive and eye-catching flower. It can grow to be the centerpiece of your garden.

16.  Madagascar periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle comes in a variety of colors. It could be white, pink, red, purple or salmon in color. It is also a large plant that reaches around 18 inches in height. Besides being one of the best drought tolerant flowers, Madagascar periwinkle is also among the most adaptable flowers. It grows perfectly in full sun or partial shade.

17. Gerbera

African Daisy “Gerbera”

It is also known as African Daisy. It is not the strongest drought tolerant flower, however, it won’t die from the lack of water. It has a unique color that adds a touch of beauty and charm to any garden.

18.  Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans

If you have an arid landscape, Black-eyed Susans are an excellent choice to cover it. They are among the best drought tolerant flowers, they are low maintenance and they constitute a lovely cottage flower garden.

19.  Cardinal Climbers

Cardinal Climbers

Cardinal Climbers are perfect for small sized gardeners. They are widely used in decorating trellises and fences. They resist drought and harsh conditions very well.

20. Marigold


This flowers made it to this list not only because it is one of the best drought-resistant flowers but also because it perfectly endures neglection, poor quality soil, and other harsh conditions. It is an ideal flower to grow next to your vegetables in the garden.

21. Romneya


Romneya or Matilija Poppies became famous after appearing in the 1988’s epic “The Mask Of Zorro”. It originates from northern Mexico and California. Thus, naturally, it resists dry conditions. It is also extremely beautiful and widely used as a decorative houseplant.

These are the best drought tolerant plants. They will resist dry harsh conditions as well as neglection. They are also beautiful and widely used for decoration. Some of them are pleasant smelling too. You should definitely opt for one of these to decorate your landscape. If you want to learn more about the most fragrant flowers, this article contains the best pleasant smelling flowers.

Enjoy your gardening and don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you wish so.

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