Best self-watering containers: the most effective and decorative containers

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self-watering containers

How many people have lost their plants because they have been busy and they couldn’t water them? It is a quite sad nonetheless frequent incident. Self-watering containers are the solution to protect your plants. They take care of your plants and water them carefully as if you were there.

Self-watering containers help you to go on your vacation and enjoy them without worrying about who is taking care of your houseplants. They are the perfect solution for gardening lovers who are frequently busy.

Besides protecting your houseplants from dryness, self-watering containers are beautiful and decorative too. They are way alluring and enchanting than normal containers. They draw attention to your plants. You could make self-watering containers or you could just buy them. They are truly inexpensive.

Let’s take a look together at the best, most effective and decorative self-watering containers.

1. Plant Nanny

Plant nanny self watering container

what makes the difference between getting green thumbs and getting black thumbs is watering. If you tend to forget watering your plants, then you need the Plant Nanny. It is basically a streamlined version of the ceramic plant stake and an inverted bottle trick.

All you need to do is to fill the glass with water, cap the ceramic stake and then insert the stake into the soil. The water will seep through the ceramic watering the plants slowly. It is the perfect way to care for your plants when you are on vacation. Besides, it is inexpensive.

2. Wet Pot

wet pot self-watering container

If you’re not into making stuff with your own hands, here is a beautiful self-watering container that you could buy inexpensively. There are a lot of self-watering containers in the markets. However, not all of them work. This beautiful and decorative self-water container is 100% effective.

The Wet pot is made of a clear glass outer pot that gets filled with water and a porous inner pot. It allows your plant to absorb the right amount of water that needs via the inner clay pot. This amazing self-watering container will not only protect your plant from dryness but also from overwatering.

It is perfect for people who don’t have enough time to dedicate to their plans and also for new gardeners who are afraid that they may kill their plants with overwatering. The wot pot comes in several sizes and it does not cost more than 40 bucks. you could buy it here.

3.  LECHUZA Self Watering Maxi Cube Planter

LECHUZA Self Watering container

It is summer, it is time for vacations and holidays. You definitely don’t want to stay home to take care of your houseplants. Therefore, summer is a tough season for houseplants. Besides the enormous heat, people usually go on vacations and they don’t take their houseplants with them.

It is almost certain that your houseplants will die in this drying season if they don’t get the right amount of watering they need. Therefore, LECHUZA Self Watering Maxi Cube Planter is ideal for them. Besides its charming look, it is your plants’ personal sitter. They release the right amount of water your plants need.

Additionally, this self-watering container contains a water level indicator to let you know when it needs refilling. It comes in several colors and it represents an outstanding decor. It is also cheap. It costs around 30 dollars.

4. Food map container

Food map self watering container

This simple self-watering container consists of non-toxic high-density polyethylene, a water, and UV resistant plastic. It is mainly designed to for mobile edible gardening. It is ideal for people who live in apartments. It is available in most gardening store and it is quite cheap.

5. DIY Wicking bed

wicking bed self watering container

If you don’t want to grow your plants in your garden and rather have them in containers, this wicking bed container is perfect for. It is a simple, ingenious self-watering container. Besides, it is space-saving. It is definitely one of the best and most effective self-watering containers.

It is also easily built. If you are tempted to build one, check out this easy tutorial right here.

6. Repurposed Soda Pop Bottles

soda pop bottles self-watering container

Soda bottles that you continuously and automatically throw away can be transformed into a creative self-watering container. It is a child play to make an original self-watering container out of soda bottles. Since they are made of plastic, they seem easier to cut, unlike the wine or glass versions.

Due to their small size, you can put them anywhere in your house. One of the most brilliant ideas is to arrange them on a crate kept near the window or patio. If the idea appeals to you, learn how to make it from this DIY project.

7. Wooden box

wooden box self watering container

Wooden boxes are another way to create a unique self-watering container. It is quite simple to convert a wooden box into an amazing self-watering container.  All you need to do is to fit a reservoir underneath your wooden box. Attach a water butt to them to feed them with water. It is pretty much like the toilette cistern.

This is an absolutely productive and reliable growing system that does not require you to pay attention and observe your plants all day long. The time and the effort you invest in this project will be rewarded with economical watering and higher yields.

Besides, this self-watering container is movable. You could move it around according to your desires, decor and the changing weather. If this self-watering container got your interest, follow this easy guide to building one.

8. Self Watering Bucket & Styrofoam Cup

Self Watering Bucket & Styrofoam Cup

Unused old plastic buckets can make elegant self-watering containers. This is another excellent repurposing idea. Combining two plastic buckets and a styrofoam cup in the right way will lead to a reliable self-watering container. Besides being easy to create, it will eliminate a major problem which is the water supply.

You can go on your summer vacation, stay away for weeks and when you get back home, you will find your plants growing and flourishing.  If you want more information on how to create this self-watering container, you can find them here. 

9. Bottle Garden

Bottle Garden self watering container

There is no doubt that a bottle garden offers you another great solution to ensure that your plants get the amount of water they need when you are gone. Bottle garden represents a convenient system that includes a planter in the top half and a water reservoir in the bottom half.

Use a cotton string to connect and channelize the planter and the water reservoir. All you need is to maintain the water at a decent level and you can forget about watering the plants for a quite long time. For this lovely self-watering container, you could use beer bottles or wine bottles. Follow these steps to create this design.

10. Self-Watering Mini Garden

 Self-Watering Mini container

This tiny self-watering container will utterly cover the needs of your plants. With a little dedication and time, you can create this cute mini self-watering container. All it needs to be built are two plain plastic boxes. You can find them at your local hardware store. click here to see how it is done.

11. DIY Self-Watering Planters for Garden

decorative self-watering container

Self-watering containers are not just functional, they could fancy too. Where would you find a self-watering decorative container? definitely only here. If you want a container that decorates your place meanwhile takes over the burden of regularly watering your plants, you came to the right place.

This awesome self-watering container is made of two big containers, one that is used as a reservoir and the other for planting. The third container is just to ensure the flow between the previous two. If you want more information, just click on this link.

12. Homemade Sub-Irrigated Planter

homemade self watering container

This simple self-watering container is perfect to provide your plants with a constant supply of water when you are not available. Besides, it costs half what a store-bought self-watering container costs. you can find the guide to build this model here.

13. Five-Gallon Self Watering Container

Five-Gallon Self Watering Container

This is another amazing self-watering container consists of a towel, sponges, and two containers. It takes only 15 minutes to build this modal. This is the ultimate way for growing plants and vegetables without the need of watering them daily. Follow these instructions to create this design.

14. Self Watering Foam Box

Self Watering Foam Box container

This model is neither difficult to build nor it needs time to be built. It is a quite simple and effective self-watering container. Usually, it takes only half an hour to be created. It is a portable system so you could move it to where you please. besides, due to its small size, it will save you space and it will perfectly provide a water supply to your plants.

Feeling interesting? here is the tutorial of this model.

15. Self Watering Water Cooler container

Self Watering Water Cooler container


With a bit of creativity, a water cooler bottle could emerge as an elegant self-watering container. You should add a lightweight tomato cage for support and you will have a beautiful addition to your garden, balcony or rooftop. If you want to create this design, just follow these instructions.

These are the best and the most effective self-watering containers. These will surely take care of your plants and ensure that your plants receive the care they need while you are gone. If you have any inquiries, please let us know about them.

If you are wondering what plants are the best to plant in containers, check this article.

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