Beyond the Sink: 10 Surprising Ways to Use Dish Soap You Never Knew

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10 Surprising Ways to Use Dish Soap You Never Knew

It may seem like all that dish soap’s good for is getting your plates and cups sparkling again, but this soapy solution can do so much more. Check out these 10 unexpected uses for this household staple!

Whack Weeds

Create a non-toxic herbicide by blending dish soap, salt, and vinegar. Mix one tablespoon of dish soap and a cup of salt into a gallon of vinegar, and spray it generously on affected areas. Keep in mind that this solution isn’t selective, so avoid spraying it on your grass or plants as it can harm them.


Soothing Solution

Create a DIY ice pack by filling a ziplock bag with dish soap. The soap won’t freeze solid, but instead, it will turn into a cold gel that can provide relief for aches and pains.


Locate Leaks

Worried about a possible puncture in your tire, air mattress, or kickball? Whip up a quick mixture of dish soap and water, and spray it on the suspicious area. If there’s a leak, the soapy solution will create bubbles, revealing the problem spot.


Goodbye, Flies

Say goodbye to fruit flies with a quick and easy trap made of vinegar, dish soap, and water. Fill a small tumbler halfway with vinegar or apple cider vinegar, add 6-8 drops of dish soap, and top off with warm water. The resulting bubbles will trap and drown these pesky insects.


Stop Lense Smog

To prevent glasses or goggles from fogging up, use a small amount of dish soap. Rub a few drops onto both sides of the lenses with a clean cloth, allow it to dry, then buff it off with another cloth for clear vision.


Silence Squeaks

Tired of the annoying creaks and squeaks of your doors? No need to buy a lubricant. Grab your bottle of dish soap instead! A few drops on the noisy hinge will provide quick and easy relief.


Protect Plants

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a homemade insecticide! Combine warm water and a couple of teaspoons of plain liquid dish soap (without degreasers, bleach, or antibacterial agents) in a spray bottle, and mist your plants to keep pests like aphids, whiteflies, and mites at bay.


Combat Clogs

When a clogged toilet resists typical remedies, try using dish soap and hot water to break up the blockage. Start by pouring half a cup of soap into the toilet and waiting about 10 minutes. If the clog persists, pour a gallon of hot water down the toilet to dislodge the obstruction and get things flowing smoothly once more.


Fight Grease

Dish soap’s cleaning power is not limited to kitchenware. It can also effectively remove grease and grime from various items, such as clothes, carpets, tiles, and more. Before spending on specialized cleaners, try using dish soap to tackle tough stains.


Blow Bubbles

Dish soap isn’t just for household cleaning – it can also be a source of fun! Create a DIY bubble mix by mixing dish soap, corn syrup or glycerin, and water. Let the kids (or adults) enjoy the fun of making bubbles and memories.


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