DIY mini greenhouse ideas: The best 10 easy to do designs.

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This post is for people who are passionate about gardening and they want to install a greenhouse but they face the problem of having a small space. Mini greenhouses are an essential tool of gardening. not only because they allow you to grow everything you want during unfavorable conditions but also they ‘re the ideal solution for seed starting and we all know buying seeds is way more expensive than starting seeds.

However, not everyone who is a gardening lover has enough space outdoor to establish a greenhouse. Therefore we assembled a list of the best DIY mini greenhouses ideas to help you enjoy the benefits of greenhouses. These ideas are suitable for people who live in cities or lack of od space in their gardens.

Mini greenhouses are economic and useful too. They are used in different ways from nursing sick plants back to health, growing fresh herbs and vegetables, propagating plants, starting plants from seeds to over-wintering plants. Take a peek at these amazing DIY mini greenhouse ideas and you will definitely find a model that suits your space and needs.

1. old windows greenhouse

old windows greenhouse

This DIY mini greenhouse idea is based on recycling five old windows and a wooden pallet. It is extremely simple and easy as well as extremely functional. All you need to do is to join the four same size windows with screws to form a box, then Place smaller window on top of box and mark where it ends.

Afterward, remove the small window and use wood slats from pallet to fill in the gap on top. Attach slats with screws. Finally Place window back on top and attach to wood slats with two hinges for easy opening and your greenhouse is set and ready to be used.

Sounds interesting? here are the best ideas to create greenhouse from doors and windows.

2. Five Windows Greenhouse

Five Windows Greenhouse

This is another inexpensive DIY greenhouse ideas. This model uses fives windows to create a small portable and function greenhouse. First of all, you will need three windows of the same size to create two opposite sides and the top mid. Then use two smaller windows to create the front and the back. Finally, screw the wood framed windows to each other.

This greenhouse is easy to move as much as it is easy to make. Besides, it is also easy to take apart when no longer needed.

3. Pallet Greenhouse

Pallet Greenhouse

This is the easiest DIY greenhouse idea. It is made of wood pallets and plastic sheets. It 5 steps cheap mini greenhouse. The first step is creating the bottom floor with a wood pallet.  Second, use wood slat from another pallet to create a triangle on top of the floor. Secure with screws. Then, cover all but one side with plastic sheeting. Secure into place with staples.

After that, create a wood frame door for the east side of the triangle using wood from the pallet. The final step is to cover your mini greenhouse with plastic sheeting and attach with hinges for easy access. If you need further information on how to make it, you will find them here.

4. A folding Greenhouse

A folding GreenhouseFold Up Greenhouse

A perfect design for gardeners who want to start plants from seeds in the late winter and extend their growing season in late fall. This lovely easy to do greenhouse is tall enough to stand upright inside it. However, what I like the most about this DIY greenhouse idea is that you can easily fold and store this tall greenhouse when it is not in use.

If you wish to build a folding mini greenhouse, all you need to do is to follow these steps.

5. Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

This is both functional and decorative mini greenhouse. It blends with your outdoor landscape decor while providing an interior that promotes plant growth. It is also easily made. It is constituted of six windows that create the four sides design and a pitched roof.

6. Table Top Greenhouse

Table Top Greenhouse

This is a very cute and small greenhouse. It is easy to build and it fits anywhere, even on a table top. It is made of old large photo frames. Thus, if you have any old frame you are going to get rid of them, don’t. Just use them to make such a cute greenhouse. Use these free plans to create a safe, warm environment for ailing houseplants or for showcasing houseplants outdoors.

7. CD Case Greenhouse

CD Case Greenhouse

This is an extremely creative DIY greenhouse idea. This greenhouse represents recycling and ingenuity at their best. This idea transforms old clear plastic CD cases into a functional mini greenhouse. All you need to do is to use clear glue to attach CD cases to each other and create the size and shape you want. Don’t forget to apply painter’s tape to hold the cases together until the glue dries.

Here is a more detailed guide to help you build this mini-greenhouse.

8. Umbrella Greenhouse

Umbrella Greenhouse

DEfinitely, this is the simplest mini greenhouse model. It is made of a clear umbrella opened and placed over a large container of seed or plants. If you lack DIY skills, this is a perfect design for you. It is easy and quite simple to create.

All you need to do is to fill a large, round container with potting soil. Then, plant herb seeds and stick the pole of a clear, opened an umbrella in the center of the soil. A space of  1-2 inches is needed between the bottom of the umbrella and the container for air flow.

If this design appeals to you, you should definitely create it following this guide.

9. Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses are popular because they can be adapted to any size according to your needs. First of all, you need to measure the space where you want to put this greenhouse. Once the measurement is taken, cut the wooden boards according to measured length and make the frame of your greenhouse by fixing wooden boards in the right place using nails.

When the frame is ready, paint it and let it dry. Then, cover the structure with plastic sheets. Don’t forget to make the top area operable by fixing it with hinges so that you can take plants in and out easily.

10. PVC Greenhouse

PVC Greenhouse

This simple design is a very functional design. PVC greenhouses need minimum effort to make. They don’t consume a lot of your time and they are very functional. Due to its structure which made of PVC pipe, this greenhouse is versatile and compatible with different needs.

All you need to do is to take the measurements for your mini greenhouse and create the structure by joining together the pipes by means of couplings L and T joints, in order to adjust the length and the size of your greenhouse. Afterward, cover the basic structure with plastic sheeting. Keep in mind that you need to secure the basic structure with tape or super glue.

These are the best greenhouse ideas that you could find on the internet. They are functional, decorative and most of all easy to do. You don’t need DIY skills to be able to duplicate any model of this list. If you ever face any problem installing one of the above designs, contact us and we will be glad to help.

Have fun working on your mini greenhouse.

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