DIY solar lights ideas: the best 15 easy to do ideas.

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Everybody loves being outdoors during summer nights. However, adequate lightening could be a problem for many. Depending on electricity for lightening your outdoor will get you very expensive bills. Therefore, we created this Do It Yourself solar lights ideas list to help you get the lightening you want without paying extra electricity bills.

Solar lightening is very useful and trendy. Not only does it give off a soft glow but it saves you loads on your energy bill. If you have been searching for ways to decorate or light up your backyard, these lights are sure to be a hit

These DIY solar lights ideas are cheap, easy to follow and easy to do. Besides lightening your home and garden, they are an alluring attractive decor that will definitely draw attention to your house. If you have ever wanted to add solar lighting to your outdoors, now is your chance. Check out these great ideas to add a little decor to your outdoors and to give yourself nice soft solar lighting at the same time.

1.Solar Jack-O-Lantern Lights

Pumpkin solar light

This adorable lightening pumpkin has nothing to do with Halloween. If you are used to carving pumpkins for Halloween and put candles in them, this should be easy for you and it is better than Halloween pumpkins. This solar light will give off lightning so much longer than candles. My favorite part is that they light themselves up automatically whenever the dark sets in.

You want to learn how to build it ? just click here.

2. DIY Tree Branch Solar Bulb

DIY Tree Branch Solar Bulb

This gorgeous tree branch solar bulb is made of a few twigs and a balloon. All you need to do is to glue the twigs over the blown up balloon and then when the glue has dried, bust the balloon and pull out the pieces. Then you will have a wonderful bulb for your solar lights. If you’re wondering where from to get solar light, you can always find them at the dollar store. They will cost you a couple of dollars for a set.


3. DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse Lights

DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse Lights

These are very beautiful lighthouses. They are easy to make. All you need is terracotta pots and solar lights. Just stack the pots to look like a lighthouse form, paint and add your lights. Just like real lighthouses, put the solar lights on top. Wherever you live, I personally think these amazing solar lights are a “must have” solar lights for any garden.

Follow this link to get more details on how to create one.

4. DIY Miniature Fairy Solar Jars

DIY Miniature Fairy Solar Jars

This is a very cute idea for solar lightening. These little miniature jars are terribly attractive and they keep being attractive even when it is dark. In fact, with solar lights, they will be eye-catching jars. They are a beautiful small decoration. If you tend to love fairy houses and such, you’re really going to adore these little jars.

This fairy solar light idea is simple to install too. All it requires is to fill mason jars with tiny little gardening items or anything that you think your fairies would like. Afterward, add a solar light which you can glue onto the lid and leave your jars out in the garden for charging.

If you want to have this, just follow these instructions.

5. Solar Fairy Lanterns

Solar Fairy Lanterns

This another lovely outdoor fairy decor.  These fairy lanterns are a great way to bring some whimsy into your outdoor living spaces and they give off the light after dark without the need for batteries. You don’t need to charge them. You just hang them outside during sunlight and when the dark falls they will light up your outdoor stunningly.

They’re colorful and they bring joy to your house. They are an amazingly beautiful decor. They’re made in mason jars. They are available on Etsy for around 20 dollars.

6. DIY Frosted Solar Mushroom

DIY Frosted Solar Mushroom

Mushrooms are beautiful. They have a very attractive shape. They are even more beautiful when you use them to decorate your house. For example, the mushroom in the picture is made from a frosted lampshade and it’s pretty easy to put together. All you need is a solar light kit for this one, which is available at the dollar store for a couple of dollars.

I love the colors, they are very beautiful and they draw attention to your garden. This is the perfect DIY solar light idea to light up your garden at night. The DIY guide to creating this beautiful idea is available here.

7. DIY $5 Beach Themed Solar Lights

DIY $5 Beach Themed Solar Lights

If you like to bring a bit of the coast to your outdoor, this DIY solar light idea is perfect for you. This great nautical themed solar light kit is an upcycle project. It is easy to apply this idea. You just use some leftover wood, paint them pale blue if you want a coastal decor, tie them all together with rope and add your solar lights.

As we mentioned in the above posts, if you don’t have solar lights, they are always available cheaply at the dollar store. If you already have the wood, this wonderful project would not cost more than 5 dollars. It is a charming addition to your porch or pool deck. Follow this link to learn how to make it.

8. Frosted Mason Jar Hanging Lights

Frosted Mason Jar Hanging Lights

If you have old mason jars thinking about throwing them away, don’t! They would make beautiful solar lights if you frost them just a bit. These amazing jar lids with solar lights installed are available on Etsy for around 30 dollars. This is definitely a beautiful inexpensive solar light project. The mason jar hanging light could be hung anywhere.

9. Repurposed Solar Accent Light

Repurposed Solar Accent Light

This is the cutest and the cheapest DIY solar plant idea. Indeed, This accent light can be made for about $3 or so and it’s perfect for sitting on the patio table at night. If you don’t have a solar path light, you can easily find one at the dollar store.

You will also need a wide mouth glass or vase. Put some rocks in it and remove the stem from the solar light. Then just put the light upside down on your rocks and let them soak up the sun. As you see, creating this idea only takes 5 minutes of your time. What are you waiting for then?! Click here and get one.

10. DIY Solar Address Sign

DIY Solar Address Sign

This is a very creative solar address sign. Do you want to transform your normal house numbers into something that looks amazing and creative? this idea is the perfect way to do so. All you need is an old lantern and a solar light kit. besides, your house number will not be just beautiful but easily seen when it is dark. This is such a great way to decorate your house and makes it stand out.

Here is a step by step guide to help you build this beautiful design.

11. Gorgeous DIY Solar Light Chandelier

Gorgeous DIY Solar Light Chandelier

Definitely one of the most fascinating DYI solar lights idea. This idea allows you not only to keep your beautiful chandelier intact but also allows you to use it as part of your outdoor decorating. The beautiful unique decoration is solar powered. If you don’t have an old chandelier you can buy. They are not expensive and they are usually available at most thrift stores.

Transforming an old chandelier into a solar light chandelier is not a difficult task. All you need to is to replace the light bulbs with solar-powered bulbs and you’ve got the perfect outdoor lighting solution. Homejelly provides you with the adequate orientations to duplicate this design.

12. Decorative Upcycled Solar Light

Decorative Upcycled Solar Light

This solar light idea is popular because everything you need to make it you already have it and you can find it around the house. Even if you lack some materials, you can find them at the dollar store and they won’t cost more than 5 dollars. All you need is a glass candlestick, a solar path light, and a glass votive. Besides being cheap, this charming little path light is easy to put together.

An easy to follow guide is available here for you.

13. DIY Solar Fairy Chandelier

DIY Solar Fairy Chandelier

This chandelier is a bit different from the one we have already seen in this list. It is so beautiful that you couldn’t possibly resist hanging it in your garden. You wouldn’t need many supplies to put it all together and it will take only 15 minutes of your time. You’ll need a solar path light, a metal wire basket, a basket hanging chains to hang your chandelier and crystals, beads, or seashells to decorate.

You can find a tutorial for this idea on

14. Rustic Wire And Rope Solar Light

Rustic Wire And Rope Solar Light

Simple things are always beautiful. This is a proof of that. This simple rustic looking solar is such a beauty. It is made of a path light that is wrapped in a wire from an old mattress and hung with a rope. It is available on Etsy for 6.5 dollars. It definitely worth more than that. If you like it but you don’t want to buy it, it is not a complicated design. You can easily recreate it.

15. DIY Solar Planter Lantern

DIY Solar Planter Lantern

These amazing solar lamp with planters attached cost about a hundred bucks each in most department stores and home improvement shops. They are a bit expensive but they are worth every penny. Look how beautiful and amazing they are. However, if you want to save yourself some cash, you could recreate this look.

All instructions and information to make this design are available here.

It is going to be easy as it is a complicated design. You will probably spend a whole day working on it. But it will be definitely worth it when you see the results at the end.

I hope you liked these ideas. We made sure that they cover all budgets. If you decide to go through one of these ideas but you want more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

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