Grow Your Own Lavender Plants with Just a Few Scissors Snips!

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Grow Your Own Lavender Plants with Just a Few Scissors Snips!

It’s simple to grow lavender from cuttings, and it’s a rewarding experience. Our step-by-step instructions will walk you through every aspect of how this works!

You may increase the number of lavender plants in your garden by learning how to propagate them.


When it comes to growing your own lavender, you’ll be amazed! To begin, choose a sturdy stem from the base of a lavender plant that appears to be in good health. Make a 3- to 4-inch cut on the stem with a sharp knife.

Make sure there are no buds on the stem and that the color is vibrant. Using a knife, snip off a little bit of the stem’s lower leaves.

lavender cuttings


If you have a garden, you can plant your cuttings directly in the ground or in the pot. Make sure the soil is well-draining and that it’s in a location that gets plenty of sunlight!

Once a week, use an organic flower fertilizer to ensure the rapid growth of your plants.

plant your cuttings


Keep an eye on your lavender cuttings as they grow. Make sure the soil is always moist, but watch out for over-watering them as well.

In around two months, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful aroma of lavender!

lavender plant

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