Growing Cabbage in pots: 5 essential tips

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Growing Cabbage in pots: 5 essential tips

Cabbage is a popular veggie and it is widely used in different dishes around the world. It is used to make a salad and it is a healthy and delicious addition to a variety of dishes including meat dishes. Besides cooking, cabbage is also a healthy plant that contributes to lowering cholesterol. Growing cabbage in pots is very easy. In fact, Cabbage is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in pots. Just follow the below instructions and you will have a constant supply of this great plant.

1. Pots

Cabbage requires a wide and deep container to grow and thrive. It has a large root system thus it requires a room to expand its roots to grow. Small containers will hinder the growth of your plant and they will result in a poor yield. However, a large wide container will boost the growth of your cabbage and it will ameliorate its productivity in terms of quantity and quality.

2. Varieties

different varieties of cabbage

There are several varieties of cabbage that you can grow in pots. Each variety has its own growth requirements. Therefore, the cabbage variety will determine when to plant and the space needed for planting. However, it is recommended that you choose a mini variety to grow. For example, Renee’s Garden Seeds are an excellent choice. Besides, they are widely available online.

3. Watering

Regular watering is essential for Cabbage to grow. Cabbage plants don’t tolerate drought. If they dry out they will slowly die. When they are grown in pots, they require more frequent watering. However, try not to overwater them because overwatering is harmful and it will cause several diseases. For best results, you should use one of these self-watering containers. Mulching is also advisable. It prevents dryness and it will keep your soil moist.

4. Pests and diseases

There are many pests and diseases that infect vegetables. Growing your veggie in pots will decrease the risks of getting them attacked and infected by pests and diseases. Nonetheless, your plants are still prone to many diseases such as black rot, clubroot fungus, and the yellow virus.

Although growing your plants in pots will keep them away from many pests, there are several other pests that may attack them. These pests include cabbage worms, cutworms, and cabbage loopers.

5. Companion Plants

I know that many of you are now wondering are companion plants really necessary for growing cabbage in pots? Well, yes they are. Companion plants are is the best way to control pests. Some plants such as onion and herbs are the best natural shield against pests. They have a strong scent that will keep pests away from your cabbage.

Growing cabbage in pots is an excellent idea. This great vegetable has versatile uses. Besides being very easy to grow, it is also extremely productive. Growing it in pots will ensure that you will have a constant fresh supply of this healthy delicious plant.

Enjoy growing your cabbage and we remain at your disposal for any further tips and information. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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