How to Deal With Stress, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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This column is written by Nitin Manchanda, a Vedic astrologer, occult healer, and tarot card consultant.

Stress can happen to anyone, but not everyone handles it the same way. Some people use things like yoga and meditation to calm their nerves, while others like to talk about how they feel.

In the same way, stress can have different effects on different people. Since everyone has their own unique personality, how stress affects them and how they deal with it may also be different.

So, here’s how stress affects each zodiac sign, according to astrology.


Aries are brave and sure of themselves, and they are born to be leaders. They have strong personalities and are independent, and they don’t mind bragging about it. They want to be in charge and make the most of every day. When they take on too much, they set themselves up for stress.

When their energy starts to fade, they feel like they’re letting themselves and others down, which leads to stress. Also, they are known for being impatient and stressed out when they don’t get what they want right away. This makes them nervous, twitchy, and bite their nails, and keeps them up at night.

Even though they might want to punch a wall to get rid of their stress, they should instead do something physical like exercise or swimming and take a day off. This will help them get their energy back and clear their heads so they can deal with their problems in a calmer way.



Taureans are practical and responsible. They know how to run their lives and spend their money wisely. They are people you can depend on. They have a good work ethic and want everything to be done right the first time.

But because they are known to be as stubborn as a mule, they don’t do well with big changes like moving to a new house or changing jobs. It’s not so much letting go that stresses them out as it is accepting what’s new. Because they won’t give in, they are paranoid because they are afraid that any big change will cause them to fail, whether it’s in their personal lives or at work.

Not only do they end up with high blood pressure, but they also eat, drink, or sleep too much. To deal with this, they should use their energy to focus on themselves, meditate, and see failure as a chance to learn and grow. Also, they should try to forgive people who have done them wrong, because holding a grudge will only make them feel bad.



Geminis are the most intelligent and quick-witted people. They love talking about new ideas and are very open to change. When they do something that always makes them feel better, they start to feel like they have some control over the situation, and a different point of view can give them the perspective they need to change things.

They are smart, restless, and quick, and they love challenges at work and in their personal lives. Even when they have nothing to do, Geminis feel stressed. When they are stuck in a boring job or a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, they will stop moving and stop caring. Also, it’s hard for them to decide. They will think about their options over and over again, but they won’t be able to decide.

Everyone around them will worry and cry, hoping for a big decision, but they will feel the pressure and give in to the stress over and over again. They will start to gain weight and have skin problems over and over again.

They need to talk to their family and friends, maybe over the phone, and let out how they feel. Because they are good at talking to people, they will feel at ease and much less stressed.



Cancerians have a lot of feelings. They will always do what’s right for the people around them. They are also tough and determined. Since they have a soft heart, they feel everything all the time. When they feel like someone has hurt them or played with them, they turn into toxic people who can do and say a lot of damage.

They worry too much about what would happen if they lost someone close to them and think too much about what-if questions like “what if this, what if that?” They frequently conceal their true feelings in order to avoid being hurt or feeling that others do not comprehend them.

They need to feel safe, so they put up walls and let their feelings build up behind them. This makes a big, messy ball of stress. When they feel too much, they go back to their cave and shut themselves off from the world.

This huge amount of stress makes them have nervous breakdowns, bad dreams, and trouble sleeping. To stop it, they need to talk to people about their problems and avoid making anyone their source of security.

They need to leave their house, change their surroundings, and give themselves some time to think about something other than their problems. They can also listen to their favorite music to stop themselves from thinking about things that don’t matter.



Leos are creative and love what they do, no matter what it is. Not only do they live in luxury, but their moods are also wild and out of control. Their plans for the day determine whether they are too kind or too mean. They like being in charge and would rather be in charge of everyone.

Not being in the spotlight is a huge source of stress for them. They don’t always know how to go with the flow and understand that they can’t control everyone. To get rid of this stress, they need to learn to live in the moment and enjoy their life for what it is, instead of trying to control everything about it.

They can also invite their friends over and spend time with them, either by talking about how they feel or just chatting over a movie and dinner. This may help them forget about their problems because they get to be the host and the center of attention.



Virgos are not only responsible and hard-working, but they are also smart and practical. They have a lot of respect for other people and feel sorry for those who suffer unfairly. This makes them known as kind people.

Even though they are good at solving problems for other people, they can’t seem to find a clear solution for themselves. They keep all their worries inside, and when they can’t get rid of them, it makes them stressed, which hurts their physical health while they try to stop their mental health from getting worse.

They take on too much work and end up getting tired of it. They should stop being so hard on themselves and do something like painting or gardening that doesn’t require them to be perfect.

This would help them get rid of their worries and frustrations. Also, to stop their minds from being too analytical, they can do crossword puzzles or play logic games like sudoku or chess. This will help them think about something else, giving them energy and the ability to deal with whatever is bothering them.



Libras are not only friendly and helpful, but they are also very logical, fair-minded, and have great social skills. People say that they are calm, friendly, patient, and free. One of the few things that bothers them is bullying. They hate it when they think someone is being unfair to them, but they hate confrontation even more.

When someone treats a Libra this way, it adds to their stress, and they can’t stop thinking about whether or not they should talk to the person who did this. Also, when life is too much for them, they act like everything is fine. At some point, the stress of acting gets to be too much, and they lose it. They will feel stress in their backs and throats, and they will forget things.

They shouldn’t worry about how they were treated by someone else; instead, they should say what they think at the time. They can also do things like listen to music, meditate, or work out, or meet up with close friends for coffee to talk about their problems.



Scorpios are the most intense, mysterious, and enigmatic people. They are also the most passionate. They care deeply about everything, from their relationships to their jobs to their hobbies. They are very good at putting up a wall to hide how they really feel.

This makes it hard for the people around them to know how sensitive they really are. Because of this misunderstanding, people often cross their boundaries, which is very stressful for them.

They also feel like their privacy is being invaded, which causes them even more stress. Also, because they are naturally jealous, if someone cheats on them or betrays their trust, their stress will go up.

They get angry at friends and family who change their minds, and they can become cruel. The Scorpio always wants to know the truth and feel safe. This stress can make your stomach hurt. When they feel like someone is pushing their limits, they need to say something.

When other people know this, it will be much easier for a Scorpio to feel safe and do well in their environment. Also, doing a hobby or making a change, like getting a haircut, buying a new outfit, or listening to music, could help them feel better and get rid of stress.



Sagittarius people are known for being generous, and they also believe in living up to high standards. Even though they are nice, they tend to get nervous quickly. Following rules made by other people is a big source of stress for them.

They are very independent and like to do things that don’t make them feel confined. When it comes to making a commitment or giving up their freedom, they feel a lot of pressure. So, it ends up showing up on their bodies in the form of hair loss and weight loss.

To stop this from happening, they need to take time for themselves and go outside to try new things or go for a long walk. Sagittarians who like to be free will feel less stressed and more like themselves after this change.



Capricorns are responsible and have a lot of self-control. They are hardworking and kind at the same time. They are very, very happy. When they don’t like something or don’t feel at ease, they keep to themselves. They don’t settle for less than what they want and expect a lot of themselves.

They have very high standards and expect to meet them all, which makes them very stressed. When they reach these goals, they often forget to take some time to relax. If they can’t meet or go above and beyond these expectations, it can lead to burnout and being alone.

Because of this, their whole body is hurt. They can’t sleep or write, and they can’t seem to pay attention to anything. They have to stop and reconnect because the huge amount of pressure could also hurt their hearts.

Capricorns can use retail therapy to take their minds off of things by buying their favorite things, like a book or a candy bar. Also, because they are disciplined, they don’t tend to go overboard and spend all their money.

They should also take time for themselves and think about their own well-being in addition to the well-being of others.



Aquarius are thought to be some of the nicest people. They hate pointless arguments and don’t speak up when they don’t have to. They are not only smart and kind, but also very independent and able to make their own way and get where they want to go.

They don’t like to be in charge and are very upbeat, so they are good at listening to what other people have to say. They can tell when someone is having trouble dealing with stress because they pick up on body language and group dynamics.

But they can have too much empathy and will try to avoid their own stress from building up. They constantly hurt themselves because they don’t believe in themselves, which makes them all feel very stressed. They close down and don’t talk to anyone, keeping their feelings to themselves.

When they feel like they’re going to have a breakdown, they shut down. This makes you feel pain in your chest, get dizzy, and have panic attacks. To deal with this stress, they need to slow down and stop trying to get everything done as quickly as possible.

They can go hiking or have a picnic in the woods, because the fresh air and greenery of nature will help them feel better. They can also do something creative, like painting, to take their minds off things.



Pisceans are very creative people who always end up in art-related fields. Pisces are usually sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy. They are magical, mysterious, and one of the most sensitive types of people. They like things to be in order with their family, their friends, and their relationships.

If even the smallest thing goes wrong, they get stressed out. They always have to get themselves out of tough and dangerous situations. They also don’t know how to say “no,” and they spend too much time trying to please people who aren’t worth being friends with.

Pisces often think they don’t know how to keep people out of their private lives. When they are feeling overwhelmed, all they want to do is curl up in a ball and never get out of bed or answer the phone or texts. They tend to get messy and not take care of themselves, and sometimes they need a lot of therapy to clean up their lives.

They need to have faith in themselves and find some time alone to understand and work through their feelings. When they know how to deal with negative energy from other people, they will feel less stressed. Also, they can deal with stress by writing down their thoughts and feelings and thinking about them without worrying that someone will hear them.


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