How to make money from gardening: 7 fun and easy ideas

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How to make money from gardening: 7 fun and easy ideas

Making a living from your hobby or from something you are passionate about will definitely make you happy and proud. If you are a gardening-lover and you spend a lot of time working on your garden whether you are decorating or planting, you will find this article very interesting. It will show you how to make money from gardening in 7 fun and easy ways. These ways will not make you rich but they will generate an extra income.

1. Gardening Service Center

integrated pest management program

This is the easiest way to make money from gardening. If you have been a gardener for a while you will be able to provide a variety of gardening services such as getting rid of weeds, pests, mowing, pruning, and many other essential services.

In fact, opening a gardening service center is an excellent idea. Gardening services are highly demanded because most gardeners don’t have enough time to spend on maintaining their gardens. Thus, your services will be highly coveted. Promote your business between your neighbors and especially online.

2. Landscaping Expert


This idea is perfect for people who are passionate about decoration and designing. If you love designing and combining items and colors, you should definitely consider becoming a garden design expert. However, you will need to learn a lot of DIY ideas, decorative products and suggestions for garden designs. These are easy to learn because they are heavily available online.

If you really believe that you are good at decorating and designing, then you should definitely become a garden design expert. In order to promote your work and services, ask your friends to let you work on their gardens first.

3. Gardening Teacher

gardening activities

This idea is excellent for gardeners who have a deep knowledge of gardening. You can start giving courses to amateur gardeners. There are many people who are eager to learn more about gardening and they are ready to pay for it. Thus, if you believe that you can teach them about gardening, you should definitely get down to it. It is an easy way to earn extra money.

4. Write on Gardening

garden writer

Writing on gardening can make a decent amount of money. There are many ways to write on gardening. The easiest way is to write for blogs and online companies. However, if you want to make a lot of money, you can write a book and find a publisher or you could even self-publish it on Amazon.

5. Gardening Photographer

become a photographer

This idea combines two hobbies together, gardening and photography. It requires that you take beautiful photos of flowers, shrubs, pots or anything that is related to gardening, then approaches gardening magazine, blogs, and websites and they will buy your photos.

6. Open a Nursery

native nursery

Opening a nursery is one of the best investment of your money. Besides gardening knowledge, you will need a knowledge of business too. However, nurseries are gold mines. Once you find an appropriate land to open your nursery on, you will start generating a lot of revenues. It is a fun and profitable project.

7. Selling crops


This is the old-fashioned way of making money from gardening. You can start selling the veggies you grow in a farmer’s market or in your garden. You will earn a lot of money especially if your garden is a heavy producer of veggies or fruits. Even if you don’t grow enough veggies to sell, you are already saving money by not buying from stores.

I hope this article showed you how to make money from gardening. If you are a passionate gardener, you should definitely follow one of these ways and start enjoying the financial benefits of your passion.

Enjoy making money from gardening.

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