Incredible 15 Fall Container Boxes Will Take Your Breath

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or an apartment, window boxes are a way to make a little garden around the exterior of your home even if you don’t have the necessary space for a garden. Window boxes comes in diffrent sizes and it can fit in anyplace. Its design gives the abilty to fit in the window’s edge, and others are designed to hang under the window. By scroling down you will find in this gallery  alot of window box ideas, you will see several different concepts that could be ideal for your outdoor décor this fall. Check out these fall boxes ideas that you can create it by yourself at home!!!


1. Red, White, and Blue


The first window box in our gallery features a dual-tiered window box. The top portion, which is sitting in the window pane, has blooms with shades of red. The next levels have blue and white flowers that look lovely together. Since the window box is comprised for individual planters, it is easy to arrange the blooms to your liking.

2. Autumn Cottage


The orange and yellow flowers in this idea add the perfect contrast to the wooden frame of the window and the bold blue color of the home. The white blooms on the side that seem to be climbing up the window adds a quaint cottage atmosphere to the design.

3. Royal Window Box

Source: Flickr

The deep purple blooms and the beautiful green foliage displayed in this ebony window box are extremely elegant. The black ebony box creates the perfect contrast to the concrete wall and the white window. Orange flowers would also be perfect in his fall window box.

4. Poppy Paradise


This next idea is one that utilized a window box that sits directly on the window sill. The green planter is green to add some contrast to the neutral exterior. The orange flowers in the box create a charming display that is pleasing to the eye.

5. Lovely Lavender Wisps

The first thing that you will see in this idea is the small purple blooms that are gracefully hanging over the edge of the planter. The planter itself is a clay rectangular container that is designed to sit on the window sill, so the wispy flowers create a stunning design.

6. Daffodil Delight


The window boxes that are seen in the next idea in this gallery are metal boxes that match the shudders on the brick building. The design is simple, but the bright yellow daffodils add a bit of color to the front of the home that will catch the eye of anyone who walks down the sidewalk.

7. Marigold Madness


Marigolds are the perfect flower for a fall window box. This idea features a simple brown planter that is designed to sit right on the sill of your window. The beautiful foliage of the marigolds is lush, and the bright orange blooms are delightful.

8. Nook of Flowery Relaxation


This next idea utilizes a window box and potted plants to create a relaxing place to sit in your garden or patio. The bright red brick wall and the yellow blooms harmonize perfectly to create a magnificently pleasing display that brings a bit of color into the ever dulling shades of fall.

9. Table for Two


This idea makes me think of a quaint little coffee shop with an outdoor seating area. The flowers around the area have small orange and red blooms that create a warm felling as you relax and sip on some hot tea. Seat cushions are the only thing that would add more to this idea.

10. Fall Foliage Window Box

Source: Window Box

Nothing is more perfect for a fall window box than the yellows, reds, and oranges that are seen in this idea. Gourds and small pumpkins line the box, which makes it perfect for Halloween. There is even a scarecrow on the far side of the window.

11. Bountiful Pumpkin Harvest

Source: Oh My! Creative

The pumpkins and the colorization of the plants create a flawless fall design that could be used as a center piece on Thanksgiving Day. The window box is made from several smaller planters that are placed in a line, so you can arrange the foliage in any manner that you desire.

12. Mums Ornamental Cabbage

Source: Bhg

The purple blooming mums in this window box are bright and beautiful. To complete the look of fall, there are plants with dark foliage, ornamental cabbage, and gourds. The planter is a simple white rectangle that is located directly under the window sill.

13. Love Lies Bleeding

Source: HGTV

If you are looking to add some red into your window box this fall; perhaps to add a bit of holiday spirit to your décor, then this idea is perfect. The window box is crafted from wood, and the red love lies bleeding plants perfectly complements the green foliage.

14. Croton Window Box

Source: Uncommon Designs Online

This idea features tall croton plants and ornamental grass as the eye-catching feature. There are green fillet plants that dangle over the edge of the window box as well, and the simple white box keeps the focus on the plants.

15. Pinecone Paradise

Source: Hooks & Lattice

The last idea in this gallery is one that combines ferns, pine cones, berries, and apples. The greens and browns look great against the brick building, and the window box is stained to bring out the grain in the wood.

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