Fabulous Garden and Yard Brick Projects That You Should Try

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 During the summer, most gardeners spend their time outdoors working on their gardens. Summer is the perfect time to redecorate your garden and give it a new refreshing look. However, since most decorations are a bit traditional and cliché, we thought to show you new ways to decorate your gardens using brick projects.

Brick projects are versatile. You could use them in many different ways. Additionally, they are suitable to use in any space no matter how big or small it is. They are not only serving as a decor for road and garden path. There are many brilliant DIY projects can be finished with old bricks. You can see them on a backyard waterfall, herb spiral garden, simple fireplace and even a birdbath stand. Scroll down, and you will find a lot of amazing ideas on cool garden and yard brick projects.

1. Cute tea lights, perfect for summer nights.

This is a quite simple idea. You could drill some holes in a brick and fill them with candles. You could then use it to decorate a table, a window or even a desk.

2. How about a garden arch like this?

In order to build this adorable decoration in your garden, you will need to hire a professional. But, it is completely worth it.

3. Build your own waterfall in a corner of the backyard.

One of the best brick projects is to build a waterfall in your yard. it will decorate your yard as well as amuse you with the beautiful sound of water.

4. Go for a Colorful Yard Art!

5. Only have a little garden? Try building a herb spiral.

This is a DIY project that requires a bit of effort to be done but the results as you can see in the picture are encouraging.

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