Man Spots Incredible Beetle He Couldn’t Quite Believe It Exists

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Man Spots Incredible Beetle He Couldn’t Quite Believe It Exists

While walking on his Costa Rican property’s lawn, Michael Farmer noticed something he couldn’t quite believe. As if it were polished chrome, a small metal object appeared on the leaves of a guava tree in the sunlight. After that, it began to creep.

Upon closer inspection, Farmer discovered one of the world’s most unique beetles, Chrysina Limbata, well known for its silvery, reflective shells. After seeing it for himself, he was startled.

In order to peer at the insect more closely, she stopped crawling and pretended to be dead as Farmer picked it up. “I was amazed by how beautiful it was,” Farmer said that this is the first time he has seen anything similar.

chrysina limbata

The beetle appears to be almost too beautiful to be real in these photographs. “[It] was like a mirror. Utterly flawless reflection in the beetle,” he continued. “Truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

chrysina limbata

It turned out that these beetles were extremely rare. In spite of once being a more common species in the region, the species has been adversely affected by habitat loss and being caught and sold to collectors.

That day Farmer came across a beetle that was not destined for that tragic end. “I don’t believe in selling living creatures like that,” Farmer stated. “I put it back on the tree, and it rapidly flew away.” Nevertheless, the memory remains with him.

chrysina limbata

The farmer had never seen a beetle like that before, but he hopes it won’t be the last. He admitted that he is not a big fan of insects. However, he is still in awe of it and he is forward to seeing more.

Some Facebook users supposed that we do not need any science fiction, simply look at the world of insects. “Beautiful, but deadly if you’re another insect. I love them, who needs sci-fi, just look to the insect world.” Others said, “that is a pokemon. I can’t be convinced otherwise”.

What are your thoughts? Would you consider yourself an insect enthusiast? Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment!

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