Modern Landscape Design

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Having a beautiful yard is important for having a beautiful home. Yards are generally where you sit to relax and to rest your mind. Here some modern landscape designs to help you achieve your peace of mind.

This design is based on woods and marble. The sitting area is made of wood while the path is made of marble and small stones.

This design represents harmony at its best. Evey element and color of this design blends well with the others. It is a beautiful design for any garden.

Both modernism and naturalism exist in this design. It is also a quite simple and inexpensive design. It is ideal for small gardens.

If you are seeking a place where you can fell the tranquility and calmness, this is definitely the one for you. As it is shown in the above pictures, this design provides a very calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Another attractive design that cost neither a lot of money nor a lot of space. It is also completely charming and alluring.

This design combines simplicity and creativity at the same time. It is gorgeous and no matter what the size of your garden is, you can have this one.

I personally adore this design. It is how modern landscape design should be.  My favorite part is the long chairs inside the pool. They are not only beautiful but also practical. If you want to chill in a hot weather and have some drinks underwater, you should opt for this design.

This design is an extension of your house. It contains a sitting area and a dining area. What makes this design alluring is although both areas are separated, they are in the same colors which make them in total harmony.

If you want to spend some money on something that is completely astonishing, you should do it for this design. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful modern landscape designs that I have ever seen.

If you wish to have a modern landscape but you lack an appropriate space, this is an ideal design for your garden. It is simple, small and it fits perfectly in small spaces.

These are the best modern landscape designs, they are also diversified to satisfy all tastes. Some of these designs are expensive but most of them are budget-friendly. If you like one of these designs, go for it, they are totally worth it.

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