Top 20 Weirdest House Plants that You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Houseplants are like cute, dependable little friends. They’re always there for you, they make you look good and they don’t require your constant attention. Throw them in an unexpected planter or DIY yourself some fancy clay pots — no matter how you choose to display them, they’re a perfectly natural element in any room. If you’re ready to make a bolder statement with your plant decor, scroll on for 15 weird plants you’ll want to add to your home.


1. Under The Sea Succulents: Succulents seem to be everywhere these days and it’s not surprising — they’re easy to care for and grow in all colors, shapes, and sizes! Add some ocean vibes to your home with plants that look like they belong “down where it’s wetter, baby it’s better, under the sea.” (via Succulents and Sunshine)


2. Snake Plant: This gorgeous piece of greenery is drought and insect resistant, loves low lighting, and helps clean the air inside your home. Boom!


3. Lacy Tree Philodendron: Also known as a Split Leaf Philodendron, this statement plant is known to be a survivor species and will make any room *so* jungle-icious.


4. Moon Valley: With around 600 species in the Pilea genus, these weird and wonderful tropical BB’s can thrive in inclement conditions. Plant these guys in your warmest room with the most indirect, all-day light.


5. Aloe Vera: This prehistoric looking plant is lovely and v useful. Break off a piece to treat minor cuts and sunburns with the ooey gooey, sap-like goodness inside.



6. Euphorbia obesa: Possibly winning weirdest of the succulent bunch, this urchin-like plant will upgrade any space and provide amazing talking points for you and your dinner guests.


7. Crassula umbella ‘Wine Cup’: A wine cup plant?! Say no more. (via World of Succulents)


8. Trachyandra: These guys are unique, snake-like plants that will bring out your inner-Medusa. Seriously, those curls are enough to give anyone hair envy.


9. Pearls Plant: Who needs a real string of pearls when you could drape some of these beauties in your home?


10. Lobster Claw Heliconia Plant: This plant is appropriately named: Just look at those clampers! You definitely need this to accompany a seaweed look-alike like the one above. They’re a bit more work, but you can follow these tips for keeping these colorful beauties alive.

11. Thigmotrope Satellite: Take your air plants in a different direction by making them float in the thin air like this fun display does. Thigmotrope satellite might sound a little space-age-y, but really it’s a three-pronged tool for creating vertical gardens, aka magic.


12. Puna Clavarioides: This is not your typical cactus. Finger-like stems sprout from the tops, creating a perfect conversation piece for your garden. Use it as your next creative jewelry holder if you’re brave!


13. Tillandsia: This is is a fun way to describe those impossibly low-maintenance air plants everyone is raving about. These guys grab water and nutrients right out of the air, and when the Pseudobaileyi variety is planted in snail shells and suspended with fishing line, you’ve got yourself the nautical wall hangings of your dreams.


14. Boophane Disticha: Native to South Africa, this plant’s wavy texture, and fan shape make it fun to look at. But it’s fatal when consumed in large doses, so next time you’re in South Africa don’t go around eating pretty plants.


15. Donkey Tails: Perhaps the most fun thing about succulents is their creative animal anatomy names. These donkey tails drape down in the most fabulous way. Try hanging yours in one of these planters.


16. Euphorbia Tirucalli: These are often referred to as “firesticks,” since they grow long, thin and bright reddish gold. They can grow up to 25 feet tall, but this medium-sized one has a cheerful spring coral color and will probably only get to about four feet. Perfect spring succulent addition, you say? We couldn’t agree more.


17. Pink Cactus: Yep, it’s official: The only thing better than a green cactus is a pink cactus.

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