Vertical Wall Garden Is The Best Idea For Saving Space

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Have you ever imagined that you will be surrounded by a nice green colour? A scientific research prooved that the green colour offers relaxion for the eyes. Now green walls have became more popular and people started to grow their gardens vertically, instead of the usual horizantal ones. Even though they are gorgeous, these vertical gardens are space savers. Check out these incredible vertical green walls

Vertical wall gardens look stunning! Another great advantage is that you will have improved air quality. Plants are known to be air purifiers.

How to create vertical wall garden?

You might think that creating a wall garden is a long and difficult process. But, in fact it is not. First, you need to build a proper frame that will hold everything in place. A solid structure is needed here. Attach a layer of fabric onto it. This will be the basis where your plants will grow. The material need to have good water retention properties. Plastic is the most appropriate material. Also, you need to set up an irrigation system of tubes so your plants can get enough water.

This wonderful idea can be implemented indoors too. If you need to bring some greenery in your house, then a green wall will do the thing. Everyone will be amazed by your living wall!

Children’s Garden

You can plant edible plants this way! This is the best idea if you want to grow your own organic food. As you can see below, growing your own lettuce does not require so much space if you do it vertical. If you are growing bigger plants, consider putting a heavier and larger frame that will stand the weight.


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