Here’s what to do after leaving a child and your keys locked in your car!

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Transporting your child to and from places may seem stressful enough — especially if you happen to have a little Houdini who knows how to unbuckle their seat belt. But the scariest possibility is one that’s actually somewhat common. And that is accidentally locking your child in the car.

Cars have changed so much in the last few decades that many of them don’t even need a key to start. By pressing an interior button, your car will power on or off. While convenient, it’s now easier than ever to accidentally lock something important inside.

So, what do you do when you’ve left your keys and kid in the car? One mom who accidentally locked her newborn in on a hot day immediately called 911. Especially on hot days, it qualifies as an emergency.

According to Inside Edition, which followed this particular story, emergency responders had to depend on a sledgehammer to get the baby out. They popped the driver’s side window, which was the farthest away from the newborn, and were able to unlock the door from there.

The professionals also cooled the baby down by putting a cold bottle of water on the newborn’s head. Luckily, they found and rescued the baby in time. Babies can heat up quickly, so this situation really was a matter of life or death.

The American Automobile Association has also seen a fair amount of kids locked in cars in the summer due to drivers forgetting the key fob. AAA recommends keeping the fob on you at all times. That means you might want to make sure it’s in a zipped-up segment of your purse. The association suggests that some people who may be forgetful could even wear the fob around on a lanyard.

Setting reminders might also help parents not forget that kids are in the backseat. But no matter what, it’s important to remember that time matters. The second you realize the mistake, you should call 911.

Watch the video to learn about more important tips — and to see a baby rescue in action.

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