10 Crucial tips to remove weeds from your garden effectively

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10 Crucial tips to remove weeds from your garden effectively

Removing weeds from your garden is essential to have a healthy and productive garden. Weeds are invasive and harmful. Besides occupying a large space of your garden, they hinder the growth of your plants. They absorb water and minerals leaving your plants without nutrients. There are several ways to remove weeds from your garden. However, no matter what way you plan on choosing, you have to keep in mind these significant 10 tips.


Image result for garden soil is wet

  • The Best time to remove weeds from your garden is when your garden soil is wet. Wet moist soil makes pulling out the roots of the weeds easy. Thus make you sure that you start removing weeds after you water your plants or after it rains.

Image result for Remove weeds when they are still young

  • Remove weeds when they are still young. Mature weeds have strong roots that are difficult to pull out. Therefore, when you spot them, pull them out immediately.

Image result for Prohibit your garden weeds from accessing to sunlight

  • Prohibit your garden weeds from accessing to sunlight. Forcing them into darkness if it does not kill them will at least make them very vulnerable and you can remove them easily. You could use materials such as plastic, rags, and mats to prevent weeds from getting any sunlight.

Image result for Check out for weeds

  • Check out for weeds regularly every week. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your time to removing weeds.

Image result for boiled water for weeds

  • Use boiled water for weeds that have grown in your pathways, sideways and patios.

Image result for Dig out the soil

  • Whenever you choose a location to grow your plants, check out the soil for weeds first. Dig out the soil and remove any weeds that you may find.

Image result for mature weeds

  • For mature weeds, use vinegar or cinnamon.

Image result for space between your plants is tight

  • Although leaving space between your plants is essential for better growth, make sure that you don’t leave too much space. When the space between your plants is tight, it helps to prevent the growth of weeds.

Image result for Mulching

  • Mulching is a good shield against weeds. There are several materials that you could use for mulching including newspapers, scrapped leaves, and compost.

Image result for temperature kill weeds

  • If you can somehow provide a temperature above 120F, it will kill weed seeds.


Follow these tips to successfully remove weeds from your garden. These tips will deter weed from invading your garden.


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