15 creative and beautiful DIY raised bed ideas you have not seen before

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15 creative and beautiful DIY raised bed ideas you have not seen before

Raised beds gardening is preferred by many expert gardeners because according to them, growing plants in a soil that is higher than the ground contributes to a healthier and a heavier yield. Besides, raised beds can be really embellishing and attractive. In this article, we have compiled 15 creative and beautiful DIY raised bed ideas that they will definitely inspire you to build your own.

1. Paver’s raised bed ideas

This is an amazing raised bed. It is both humble, creative and practical. This raised bed will allow you to plant as many plants as you want in a decorative way. Besides, pavers are extremely tough, thus, this raised bed will survive for decades.

2.  Sheet Metal Raised Beds

Sheet Metal Raised Beds

Sheet metals can be easily transformed into raised beds. Besides being extremely inexpensive, they can also be decorative. You could paint them in different colors to make your raised bed garden colorful and joyful. Moreover, they are perfect for growing heat-loving plants because metals can retain heat.

Another great feature of metal sheets is that they are very flexible and they can be easily formed into any shape. Thus, they will allow you to have a very diversified garden in terms of shape and colors.

3. Square Foot Raised Beds

Square Ft. Garden

This raised bed idea is perfect for growing vegetables. This idea prevents the soil from getting compacted and it allows you to have control over the soil’s quality. Furthermore, this raised bed improves drainage which will improve the productivity of your veggies.

4. Spiral raised bed

Herb Spiral

Building a spiral raised bed is very creative and ornamental. Besides they are easy to build. In fact, you can have them ready in a couple of hours. There are different materials you can use for building a raised bed but stones remain the most popular material because they are cheap and tough.

5. Hoop House Raised BedHoop House Raised Bed

This is one of the smartest raised bed ideas. This idea will allow you to have a multi-season vegetable garden. It will also allow you to control the growing conditions of your veggies as well as keep them safe from animals. However, this raised bed idea requires some planning and some effort to be built.

6. Stone raised bed

Stone Raised Bed

Stones are popular materials for raised beds. As it was mentioned above, they are very strong and they can last for decades. Besides, they are beautiful and they blend in well with greens. Thus, they are the most decorative inexpensive materials for any raised bed.

7. Trough raised bed

Trough Gardens

If you are a farmer, you will definitely love this idea. After feeding your animals, instead of throwing away troughs, you can transform them into beautiful raised bed. This idea is both cost and effort effective. Besides, it will allow you to grow food for you or your animals. Another important reason that makes troughs an excellent choice for raised beds is their capability to retain heat and keep the soil warm.

8. Custom Design Raised Bed ideas

Multi-Level Raised Beds

These raised beds are customized to fit into any space. All it takes to create these raised beds is a little creativity and a bit of time. These raised beds are made of wood which makes them affordable to everyone. If you have a lot of wood that you don’t know how to use or what for to use, you should start immediately building these raised beds that will allow you to have a very beautiful garden in your yard.

9. Raised Bed Arbor

Raised Bed with Trellis

This is definitely one of the most beautiful and creative raised bed ideas. This raised bed is completely astonishing and eye-grabbing. In addition to being attractive, this raised bed is also effective. It makes harvesting your plant and an extremely easy task.

This raised bed can also be used as a trellis for vines and climbing plants. It will give them the support they need to grow straight and stay off from the ground. However, it is also suitable for growing non-climbing plants too.

10. Decorative Raised Beds

Raised Beds Lining Walkway

These are extremely alluring garden beds. The whole yard design is alluring. The garden bed gardens, the container gardens, the pathway, all these elements harmonize together beautifully creating an extremely attractive view. The raised beds simply fantastic. Besides being charming and ornamental, they are also wide and large enough to hold a lot of plants. I truly find the whole design admirable.

11. Colorful Concrete Block raised bed

Colorful Cinderblock Raised Bed

Recycling concrete block to build a raised bed is a great idea. they can be painted to become attractive and ornamental. However, it is advisable to use them for decorative plants rather than edible plants because it is believed but not scientifically warrant yet that they may contain fly ash.

12. Tiered Raised Bed

Tiered Raised Bed

This is one of the most ornamental raised bed ideas. This raised bed, once it is filled with flowers or other decorative plants, will add so much beauty to your yard. It is also an excellent way to decorate porches, balconies, and terraces. It is small so you won’t need much space for.

13. A raised bed made of doors

Garage Door Panel Raised Beds

If you ever change your house’s doors, one of the best ways to make use of your old doors is to repurpose them and build a raised bed with them. Old doors will allow you to have an alluring low maintenance garden.

14. Sunken Raised Bed

Sunken Garden

I think we can all agree that this is one of the most astonishing views we have ever seen. Those raised beds contribute so much to the beauty of this view. They are extremely attractive in their unique vintage way. They are also very stylish. Using old stones to create raised beds will result in such an enchanting view especially if you attach them to a charming pathway.

15. Milk Crate raised bed

Milk Crate Garden

If you are looking for an easy inexpensive way to create raised beds, this is the best way. Milk crates are ideal materials for raised beds.

These are the most inexpensive DIY raised bed ideas. These ideas will help you build a decorative and practical raised bed inexpensively.

Enjoy creating your raised garden!

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