15 ornamental patio designs that are simply astonishing

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15 ornamental patio designs that are simply astonishing

Having a beautiful outdoor patio is necessary to have a beautiful outdoor garden or yard. Patios are attached to your outdoor space and they contribute to its beauty. Therefore, in order for your outdoor space to be charming and attractive, it must contain an outstanding patio. Undoubtedly, you have seen a lot of patio designs but I assure you that you haven’t seen the designs in this post before. If you don’t believe me, feel free to scroll down and take a look at these amazing ornamental patio designs.

1. Contemporary patio designs

overheaixd view of patio

This contemporary patio design is more than attractive, it is adorable. It is honestly one of the most beautiful patio designs that you can ever see. Besides, it is very relaxing. I love the sitting area. It is stylish and unique. It reminds me of the Japanese style.

2. Gravel Fire Pit Patio

three patio materials

This is a very beautiful patio design. Although it is made of simple materials, it has an incredible charm. The circular fountain is a nice addition. It serves as the focal point of this design. You will need gray stones, pea gravel, and flagstone to duplicate this design.

3. Round Pavers in Gravel

round aggregate pavers

This design will allow you to have a gorgeous patio and a unique pathway in a very inexpensive way. As you can, this design is absolutely ornamental. It makes this backyard fascinating. The only thing that this design needs is a sitting area. You can add some chairs and a table there and everything will be perfect.  The round pavers and the gravel are not expensive, thus, this design is affordable to everyone.

4. Flagstone With River Rock Mosaic

river rock with flagstone

Flagstones are becoming more and more popular. They are a new trend. We can see them highly used in different decorative ideas. They are beautiful and attractive. They definitely make this patio wonderful to look at. If you are looking for a cheap yet beautiful patio design, then flagstones and pavers are the best materials to use.

5. Square Pavers and Pebbles

pavers with pebbles*

This is a good looking patio that you can create in a weekend. It is quite simple and it does not require high DIY skills. For this patio, you will need concrete pavers and pebbles. The addition of the container gardens is a smart move to bring color and nature to this patio.

6.  Three Patio Floors

circular patio

This is one of the most admirable patio designs. This design has it all except for a sitting area. However, that is not a big issue because you can add some chairs or furniture to it. Even without the sitting area, this design remains gorgeous and highly desired not only because it is beautiful but also because it is cost-effective.

7. Brick Pavers and Black Gravel

cobblestones and black gravel

This is one of the most inexpensive patio designs. Nonetheless, it is decorative and beautiful. This simple patio design relies on contrast. We can see that through the use of Brick Pavers and Black Gravel. This contrast resulted in a unique striking view. This design will also allow you to grow some plants on the side which is always a good option if you are a gardening-lover.

8. Wheelchair Accessible Patio Garden

wheelchair accessible garden beds

This is a considerate and thoughtful idea. This modal aims at allowing people who lost their ability to walk to go around their patio and to take care of their plants. It allows them to keep practicing their gardening hobby. The height of this patio garden suits the height of people in wheelchairs. Thus, they will able to access their plants easily.

The patio has a round design to allow individuals in wheelchairs to move and rotate in the garden. Whether on a wheelchair or not, this patio design is wonderful and charming. It is a DIY project that is worth dedicating time to.

9. Mid-century Modern Patio

lloyd wright designed house

This vintage patio looks absolutely fabulous. It is perfect for people with a simple taste. It will allow you to take advantage of your yard’s space. The container gardens are also classically stylish which make them harmonize well with the whole design.

10. Patio with a terrace garden

terrace-like patio

Having a terrace garden on your patio is an excellent idea to adorn it and make it appealing. This breathtaking patio is ideal for gardening lovers. It will decorate their place while allowing them to grow a variety of plants. It also has a sitting area where you could sit, relax and enjoy the incredible view in front of you.

11. low wall patio

patio with low privacy wall

Having a wall in your garden is both ornamental and practical. First, it will allow you to place some decorative plants or items on it. Second, it will protect your privacy when you are spending some quiet time on your patio. Besides, inexpensive materials such as Saltillo tiles and glazed ceramic are used for this design.

12. Flagstones Patio design

flagstone and gravel patio

This is another outstanding Patio made of flagstones and pebbles. These two really make a lovely combination. This is a smart design. It includes relatively tall plants to protect your privacy. The plants are also beautiful and very adorning. This design will allow you to have a great patio and a greater garden.

13. Front Yard Flagstone Patio

flagstone patio

Most people opt to grow lawn in their front yard. Law can be good and some lawn species are attractive and appealing. Nonetheless, the idea is so spread that it became boring. Instead of lawn, you can have a flagstone patio in your front yard. Flagstone patio designs are beautiful, alluring and most of all they are extremely strong. This design, for example, will definitely make your front yard pleasantly entertaining.

14. Gravel Framing and Edging

gravel patio

If your yard is already planted, it does not mean you can have a patio. In fact, you can have a very good looking one. All it takes is that you frame your yard with some gravel. This idea is both decorative and effective as a gravel edge or a gravel frame will protect your garden.

15. Bark Mulch and Pea Gravel

patio with gravel path

These designs show that inexpensive materials can be combined to make creative things such as this patio. This design contains a wonderful sitting area attached to an alluring yet simple pathway made of gravel.

These are the most astonishing patio designs. These designs will inspire you to install an astonishing patio in your place. I hope you have enjoyed them. Visit us daily for beautiful and creative ideas.

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