15 Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With These Gorgeous Tree Stumps

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Usually, when gardeners chop a tree, they tend to kill the tree stump. Killing a tree stump takes effort and time. However, you can redirect that effort and time to transform the tree stump into a decorative piece in your garden, Tree stumps, with little effort and creativity can be transformed into an extremely beautiful garden decoration. Check out these amazing 15 Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With These Gorgeous Tree Stumps

1.Garden Decorations With Tree Stumps

This is one example of how to properly benefit from a tree stump. As it is demonstrated in the above picture, with some flowers and chains, you can transform a tree stump into a decorative piece of your garden.

2.Design a Beautiful Fairy Garden

Tree stumps can also be used to create a fairy garden. In fact, they are one of the best materials to use in creating fairy gardens as they have a unique natural rustic look.

3.Beautiful Tree Stump House

With certain DIY skills and effort, any gardener can transform a useless tree stump into this piece of art It is all about determination and passion.

4.Garden furniture

5.Create a Pot Stand

A tree stump can also provide with adequate space for your container gardens.

6. Amazing Fairy Tree

A tree stump is also a perfect planter. Since it still contains the roots, it is rich in organic matter and minerals which make it better than soil gardens. Many sensitive plants love growing in tree stumps.

7.Garden Decor and Sculpture

8.Garden Path

9.Wooden Table

This is a practical way to use your tree stump. Transforming it into a wooden table will not only decorate your garden but it will also allow you to have lunch and dinner in nature.

10.Flowers Pot

11.Tree Stump & Log

12.Awesome circle

This design took a lot of creativity, time and passion for gardening. It is not easy to transform a tree stump into such an amazing centerpiece. But, it is definitely worth every minute spent on it.

13.Brilliant Man Decoration

14.Flowers Fountain

15.Fairy Home From an Old Stump


These 15 Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With These Gorgeous Tree Stumps are easy to duplicate. Even if you are a beginner gardener, it is better that you transform a tree stump into a decorative ornament that killing it. Killing it takes time and if you invest that time in decorating it, believe me, you will come out with better results.

However, if you insist on killing the tree stump, here are the easiest and the most effective ways to do it.

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