15 unusual garden designs of 2018 that you shouldn’t miss

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15 unusual garden designs of 2018 that you shouldn't miss

Finding a new garden design can be challenging. Most of the fresh stylish designs are either expensive or they require professionals. Therefore in this post, we will display a few of the most unusual garden designs of 2018. These designs are beautiful and they suit all budgets.

Besides being budget-friendly, the designs in this article are new, fresh and most of all decorative. You will be able to duplicate any of them easily without much effort. Moreover, creating one of these designs will be a fun process. Go ahead check them out.

1. Outdoor living

Garden trends 2018

This design is perfect for backyard gardens. Why have only a backyard garden when you can have a sitting area decorated with a backyard garden? This design includes a integrated drainage, lighting and heating, and an outdoor kitchen. These features will make your backyard garden absolutely amazing.

This design will allow you to have an outdoor living space where you can cook, sit, read and do whatever comes to your mind. Besides, it is very beautiful and entertaining. it is definitely one of the most must-have garden designs.

2. Asymmetrical schemes

garden trends 2018

While most people opt for the usual well-organized garden designs, some gardeners want their gardens to stand out and they unusual garden designs. Having an asymmetrical scheme in your garden will definitely make it remarkable and unique.

Asymmetrical schemes are very ornamental and contemporary. they will make your garden more spontaneous and less structured. Moreover, just like the one in the picture, they are elegant and alluring.

3. Ecological gardens

Garden trends 2018

Ecological gardens are becoming more and more popular. Many gardeners chose them not only because they are friendly to the environment, but also they are extremely ornamental. Having an ecological garden is truly a blessing especially if you grow your own food in it.

4. Copper accents

Garden trends 2018

It is not a secret that copper is very popular as a material as well as a color. Copper accents are beautiful and decorative. Besides they are extremely useful. They will warm your plants and they will contrast the surrounding area of your garden.

5. Wood-effect tiles

garden trends 2018

Although they are not an unusual garden design, they will definitely make your garden adorable. They have been popular for while due to their charm and ornamental impact. They are also very sturdy. They resist heat and they tolerate traffic.

6. Limestone

garden trends 2018

Limestone is an excellent choice for any domestic garden. They can be bright white or colorful. Either way, they are extremely eye-grabbing. They also harmonize well with nature. They are definitely a nice addition to any garden. I highly recommend that your try Limestone. You will never regret it.

7. Textured paving

Texture paving blocks are irregular and imperfect which is good. Seeing too many perfect gardens made them boring. Consequently, having an imperfect garden may be the best choice to make your garden looks more natural.

8. Plant shrubs

Garden trends 2018

Planting shrubs is one of the most creative ways to have an unusual garden. Shrubs are exotic, natural and elegant. Thus, having them in your garden will completely transform its look. They will not only beautify your garden but they will also make it more pleasant to look at.

As a matter of fact, people easily get bored of looking at normal things no matter how beautiful they are. However, exotic, unique things are always capable of attracting our attention. Therefore, having shrubs in your garden will make extremely eye-catching.

9. Low-level woodland plants

Garden trends 2018

This is definitely one of the most unusual garden designs. This design will allow you to have a dream garden. A garden that is so decorative that will make both your house and outdoor space fascinating. Besides, this design is extremely cost-effective. It will only need some of your time and your passion for gardening.

10. Architectural plants

garden trends

Among all the unusual garden designs, this one is my favorite.  This design and these plants will make your garden not only unique but also enchanting. It is a very adorable design that you should definitely duplicate in your garden. Besides, this design is really budget-friendly.

11. Japanese themed

Botanical-bedlam garden trends 2018

This Japanese garden proves that imperfection can be more beautiful and attractive than perfection. This garden, for example, is the child of nature. Not so many years ago, people used to destroy such gardens. Now, they are one of the most popular garden trends.

12. Alfresco living


This attractive unusual garden design will allow you to have an outdoor living area where you could have your dinner, enjoy the sunset, read or just lay down and relax. This design is extremely elegant and chic. What truly makes it unusual is the containers. These containers very unique. Although I have seen many container gardens, I truly haven’t seen any like the one in this picture.

13. Purple planting

Very-Verdure Garden trends 2018

Purple is a very beautiful color. It gives a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility. Besides, it is extremely decorative. Choosing purple plants to grow will definitely result in an amusing unique garden. Whether it is a ground garden or a container garden, you will definitely enjoy its beauty and charm.

14. An unusual container garden

herb-garden garden trends 2018

Growing your food in a container garden is amazing. It allows you to garden even you don’t have a large space and it also provides you with delicious fresh edible plants. However, container gardens can be very unusual. It is not a bad thing. On the contrary, having an unusual container garden is a good thing. It makes your garden stand out and be different when normality is prevailing.

15. Air purifying houseplants

Houseplants garden trends 2018

For those who thought that houseplant trends are over, you are wrong. In fact, this trend is coming back strongly and houseplants are more popular than they ever were. After Nasa released a report that stats that indoor plants can reduce stress, control humidity, and lower sound pollution, indoors gardens came back to the front.

Indoor gardens can be very unusual. It heavily depends on your choice of houseplants. Most importantly, whether they are unusual or not, they remain extremely decorative and it is always a pleasure to have them.

These are the most unusual garden designs of 2018. These designs will decorate not only your garden but your whole outdoor space. Besides, these designs are not expensive at all. You can definitely adorn them.

Enjoy decorating your garden!



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