19 Creative DIY Water Features That Will Enhance Your Garden’s Appearance

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Our gardens are special to us and dear to our hearts. They are where our kids play, our families gather and where we sit and enjoy nature. Besides, they provide us with food and decorate our place. Therefore taking care of our gardens and adorning them with beautiful decorations such as DIY water features, ponds and waterfalls is our duty.

Water features are commonly expensive. They are expensive because they are highly in demand. That is quite natural because honesty they are extremely ornamental. However, if you want to limit the costs, you could create your own DIY water feature for your garden. In this article, we will provide you with the most beautiful and the most inexpensive DIY water features for your garden. Go ahead and take a look.

DIY Plant Pots Water Fountain

If you have planting pots, you could turn them into a water feature. It is a beautiful and budget-friendly idea.

DIY Teapot Fountain

This is one of the most creative DIY water features. Transforming an old rustic teapot into a water feature can be easily done. It requires neither much time nor much effort.

DIY Stacked Rocks Fountain


DIY Disappearing Water Fountain


DIY Bubble Fountain


DIY Water Garden Box

Wooden boxes also can be transformed into DIY water features. It requires basic DIY skills but you will definitely have a beautiful and attractive water feature.

DIY Water Garden And Koi Pond


DIY Canoe Pond

Old boats are perfect DIY water features. They are big, attractive and they hold water perfectly which makes them the ideal choice if you want to create your own homemade water feature.

DIY Bamboo Water Feature


DIY Glass Table Top Waterfall


DIY Artesian Fountain


DIY Solar Water Fountain


DIY Container Water Garden


DIY Recycled Tires Pond


DIY Water Feature That Costs Less Than 30$


DIY Wine Bottle Waterfall Fountain

If you want to spend neither money nor effort,  this is an ideal water feature idea.

DIY Wine Bottle Fountain


DIY Water Feature



DIY Egg Fountain

These are the best DIY water features to adorn your garden and make it more attractive and appealing. All these ideas are easy to duplicate and most of all they will cost you only the fracture of a store water features. Don’t hesitate to start working on your water feature immediately, your garden deserves it.

Enjoy building your water feature and if you ever needed any help during the process, we remain at your disposal.

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