20 Amazing Flower Towers You Can Make in a Weekend

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Flower Towers are extremely beautiful and ornamental. They are also very versatile. You could use them to brighten up and decorate your garden, your yard, and even your indoor. They are fancy and an elegant decoration.  Flower towers are an excellent way to make your indoor or outdoor colorful. Besides, they are flexible, they could fit both large and small spaces.

In this post, we will display some amazing DIY flower tower designs that you will definitely find adorable and attractive. No matter how difficult it looks to duplicate one of these designs, it is not. All the designs of flower towers in this post are DIY and they can be duplicated even if you don’t have any DIY skills. Best of all, you probably already have all the materials required to build one of these towers. Scroll down and see yourself.

1. Deceptively Simple and Gorgeous Flower Tower

This gorgeous tower could be placed indoor or outdoor. Either way, it is an extremely remarkable decoration.

2. Beautiful House Number Display

This is a creative way to display your house number.

3. Easy Toppling Tower of Flowers


Even old rustic metal cans can be transformed into a beautiful flower tower if you dedicate enough time to this project.

4. Fancy File Cabinet Turned Flower Tower

If you have an old file cabinet in your office you want to replace, you should definitely replace. But, don’t throw the old one, take it to your garden and make it a flower tower.

5.  Balanced Planters


I have no idea how they could balance these planters in this shape but it is extremely admirable and beautiful.

6. Simple and Sweet Birdbath Tower


Plastic pots can be painted and transformed into an exceptional flower tower.

7. Giant Waterfall of Colorful Flowers

8. Tower with a Message


This is definitely one of the most creative and the beautiful welcoming sign. It is not every day that we see a flower tower welcoming sign. It is also very decorative. It will make your front door amazing.

9. Picture Perfect Mini Succulent Tower


This mini succulent tower is ideal to decorate not only your garden but also your indoor, your desk and even your tables.

10. Delightfully Pretty Wooden Sunflower Pyramid

11. Vine-Free Wall of Flowers

This is undoubtedly one of the best flower towers in this post. It is very colorful and attractive. It is also small enough to be placed on a desk or in a living room.

12. Fanciful Fairy House Flower Tower

This is one of the few flower towers that makes you say WOW. I can definitely describe this beauty as an artwork.

13. Watering the Succulent Bucket Tower

14. The Easiest DIY Flower Tower

15. Precarious Pots of Fabulous Flowers


16. The Green Tower for Flowers and Herbs


17. Creating a Cactus Tower from Pipes

18. Watering Can Waterfall Flower Tower


19. Crazy Polka Dotted Teetering Tower


20. Classic Flower Tower to Maximize Space


We saved the best for the last. This is the most beautiful and the most ornamental DIY flower bed in this post. Although it looks difficult to build, it is not. If you have basic DIY skills, you will be able to build this amazing decorative tower in a few hours.
These are the most amazing DIY Amazing Flower Towers. These flower towers are extremely decorative and most of all they are all DIY project. Thus, you can duplicate any one of the above in your garden easily.
Have fun working on your flower tower!!

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