20 Fascinating DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas

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Garden beds are very useful. Besides serving as exceptional planters that allow you to grow any kind of plants, they are also very decorative. They will add extra charm and beauty to your garden. There are many ways to create garden beds. In this post, we will show you some Creative DIY garden bed ideas that will definitely inspire you. Scroll down and check out these Fascinating ideas.

1. An umbrella garden bed

One of the most creative DIY garden beds is an umbrella garden bed. It is quite simple. All you need is to take an old useless umbrella, place in your garden upside down and plant it with flowers.

2. Side yard garden bed.

Instead of having a normal boring sideyard, you could turn it into an amazing garden bed that will adorn both your garden and your house.

3. Wooden pallets garden bed

Wooden pallets can make an amazing bed for your garden. They are highly recommended because they are one of the best planters.

4. Concrete blocks

Garden beds made of concrete blocks are an excellent choice simply because they are very strong and they can survive for several years.

#5. Garden beds edged with old china plates.

If you have old dishes and plates, instead of throwing them away you could repurpose them into a garden bed.

#6. Get A ‘U’ Shaped Garden Bed Kit with a Small Gate and Surrounding Fence.

This is definitely one of the most creative and beautiful DIY garden beds. This garden bed is both decorative and practical. It is wide and deep enough to hold many plants. It is also perfect to grow any kind of plants.

7. Old wagon wheel

Even an old wagon wheel can make an extremely alluring bed in your garden. It is perfect to grow plants that have a shallow root system such as succulents.

#8. Planter made from old towel and quick dry cement.


This is an amazing planter. It is obvious that this planter is made for decorative reasons.

9. Plastic Crates.


If you attach plastic crates together, you will have a big practical garden bed.

10. Plastic bottles

This is one of the most inexpensive DIY garden beds. It is made of plastic bottles. When you gather a lot of plastic bottles, you could create a garden bed with them.

#11. Wire pool DIY garden bed

This is a creative DIY garden bed. If you have a Wire pool that you don’t use any more, you could make use of it by transforming it into a garden bed.

12. Bricks DIY garden bed

Make round raised garden bed with Bricks

Bricks are a perfect choice to build a garden bed. They are sturdy, they can stay fit for years. Besides, you could paint them in different colors to have a colorful DIY garden bed.

13. This cinder block plants bed

It is quite common to build a cinder block plants bed. In fact, it is one of the best ways to build a garden bed.

14. Cedar planter

If you are seeking a creative planter, this idea is what you have been looking for. You could purchase giant letters made of cedar and transform them into planters. You could hang them anywhere you want. They will beautifully decorate any space.

15. Bed frame

Bed frames can be transformed into amazing garden beds. They are actually an excellent choice for a garden bed. They are wide and big enough to hold a lot of plants.

16. Wooden raised beds


This is a very traditional way to create a garden bed. Wooden boxes have been used for a long time as garden beds. They are perfect for this role.

17.  galvanized troughs.


Many gardeners use galvanized troughs as garden beds. What makes them a good choise is the fact that they extremely deep so you can grow basically any kind of plants in them.

18. Stone planter


Stones can serve as very beautiful planters. Although this kind of planters is small and you can’t grow many plants in it, yet it is very beautiful. You could place it in your garden or even inside your house as a decorative item.

19.  recycled tires.

There are many uses of recycled tires. One of the best ways to use old tires is to paint them and transform them into DIY planters or DIY garden beds.

#20. Colorful Garden Bed Made from Painted Cinder Blocks.

This is another DIY garden bed made of cinder blocks. Cinder blocks could be painted in many colors and organized in different ways. The result will be a very colorful and uniquely shaped DIY garden bed.

These are the most Fascinating DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas. I hope you have liked them. If you did, don’t hesitate to start building one in your garden. It will be a lovely addition.

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