20 Creative Ideas To Display Your Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants not only give an original look to your home, but they also make the atmosphere and energy in your house better and healthier. These are some ideas to make your house unique and beautiful.

This is a very simple idea, yet it is extremely attractive. All it takes that you either buy or build a trellis, paint it and then hang your plants on it. The beauty of this design lays in the cohesion of the colors of the pots.

This is an extremely creative idea to show your houseplants. It is also inexpensive in money and efforts. Just take some rustic wooden stakes, hang them on a wall and hang your plants on them.

Who said the shelves don’t make a beautiful virtual garden? These are two different designs from two different houses. Using shelves to display your houseplants can be a great way to show how beautiful your indoor is.

If you have old wooden boxes, don’t throw them away, you could use them for decorative purposes just like in the picture.

I find this idea both creative and practical. Using a wooden ladder to display your houseplants does not only draw attention to them, but also allows you to cover any ugly corner of your place.

If you lack of space, you can use your window sill to show your indoor plants.

This is a very common way to decorate living rooms. Although this idea could be used to decorate any room with your indoor plant.

There is no greater idea than this one to show your houseplants and decorate a wall. I love the harmony of the colors.

if you want your plants to catch the eyes and be the centerpiece of the room, you should then hang them. This is a lovely decorative idea that could be applied to any room.

Trelisses are an excellent way to draw attention to your indoor plants. They hold your plants perfectly and make them visible from any angle of the room.

Hanging pots inside the house is an off the grid idea, therefore, it is an outstanding idea to show your indoor plants.

Simplicity contributes to beauty. This is a proof for it. This is a quite simple design that shows harmony and beauty.

I have always found that hanging gardens are the best way to show your plants. It makes your indoor plants not only noticeable but also charming and seductive.

If you lack indoor space, this is a great way to show your plants. It is simple, beautiful and most of all does not require space.

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