20 Unique and Creative Succulent Planter Ideas

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Succulent plants are very tough and they can tolerate a variety of harsh conditions. That is why they are a very popular decorative choice. These plants are capable of growing and thriving in any weather and in any pot. Therefore, when it comes to planting succulents in pots, gardeners tend to be creative about the pots they choose. In this post, we compiled a few of these creative succulent planter ideas. Enjoy!

I know it is hard to believe, but some gardeners actually used their old shoes as succulent planters.

Old tree stumps and branches are excellent succulent planters. They can hold many succulents plants and they are very ornamental too.

Turning an old wagon into a succulent planter is certainly a creative idea.

Perhaps this is one of the most clever succulent planter ideas. It is clever because this glass planter is very small so it does not require space yet it is very eye-catching and decorative.

This is another creative succulent planter idea that will allow you to have a wonderful succulent garden that will embellish any room in your house.

This is one of the most beautiful succulent planter ideas. This idea will get an extremely stunning and ornamental vertical succulent garden.

Small toys such as cars and trucks are ideal to transform into succulent planters. They will allow you to have a small cute succulent garden that will adorn your place beautifully.

Succulents come in different sizes, thus, no matter how small the size of the object you want to transform into a succulent planter, you will always find succulent plants that fit that size.

This is definitely an attractive succulent planter idea. This planter will give a beautiful succulent garden that you could decorate both your indoor and outdoor with.

These are the most Unique and Creative Succulent Planter Ideas. These ideas will help you create an extremely beautiful and decorative succulent garden.  Besides, all these planter ideas are inexpensive and easy to duplicate. What are you waiting for then ?! go ahead and start working on you succulent planter.

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Enjoy gardening!

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