20 Most Unusual Planter Ideas That You Can Do them Yourself

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Expert gardeners will tell you that any container, no matter how unusual it is, can be used as a planter. If you Want some super simple ways to create some fabulous flower containers for your garden, you should definitely check out These 20 unusual planter ideas that you can easily do them do them yourself.

Old metal locker can be a useful planter. Instead of throwing it, you could paint it in your favorite color and plant your favorite flowers in it. You would have a very decorative garden.

Many gardeners transform their old wooden chairs into planters. Actually, this idea became quite common. I have seen many gardeners using chairs as planters. It is inexpensive, creative and most of all eye-grabbing.

Old wagons are also popular planters. They are popular not only because they are beautiful and decorative but also because they can be moved around. You could move them to different spots in order to meet the growth requirement of the plants you had grown in them.

This is definitely one of the most unusual planter ideas. I honestly haven’t seen a bicycle used as a planter before. Now I have, I can definitely say it is a very ornamental idea.

Old furniture is always suitable as a planter. Recently, turning an old piece of furniture into a planter rather than throwing it became a trend. I have seen it in many gardens.

Bicycle planters are not only unusual but also remarkable. To be honest with you, this is a very beautiful and attractive flower garden. Part of its charm is due to its unusual planter.

Even small toys can be a cute planter. You won’t be able to grow many plants but you will have an adorable tiny garden.

These are the most Unusual Planter Ideas. These ideas will allow you to have an extremely unique and remarkable garden. Enjoy it!

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