21 Astonishing Ideas For Your Garden From Mediterranean Landscape Design

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The Mediterranean design style is widely known as the style of luxury. Even though it is a very old style, nowadays it is used mostly on luxury estates and mansions which are very very expensive and belong to people who have a lot of money.

These mansions probably won’t look as good as they look if the surrounding Mediterranean landscape is removed. This landscape design is famous for the large use of flowers and natural decorations as well as rustic accents such as large pots or sculptures.

But just because the Mediterranean landscape design is mainly used on exclusive mansions and estates does not mean that you can’t steal some ideas so that you can use them in your garden or courtyard.

In order to show you a couple of ideas, we are here with this collection of 21 Ideas For Your Garden From The Mediterranean Landscape Design. In this collection, we have featured a variety of pictures of Mediterranean landscape designs from all kinds of luxury mansions around the world. The aim of this collection was to give you a way to hopefully extract some ideas from these pictures that you can translate in your garden. Enjoy!

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