24 Lovely Homemade Garden Decorations You Didn’t Know About

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Garden decorations in stores are usually expensive. However, we care about our gardens and we can’t resist decorating them for a better view. Therefore, in this article, we present you with an alternative for buying decorations from stores which is creating homemade decorations. Go ahead an take a look at these Lovely Homemade Garden Decorations.

1. Painted Golf Ball Ladybugs

These painted ladybugs are inexpensive crafts that you could create in no time.

2. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

Hanging rocks is an extremely lovely homemade garden decoration that requires neither effort nor time.

3. Delicate Fairy Wind Chimes

This is a perfect cute decoration for any garden. It is easily made and it is absolutely enchanting

4. Gnome Doors

5. Stone Footprints

These crafts are one of the best homemade garden decorations. They could be used to make a unique and remarkable pathway for your garden.

6. A Watering Can That Pours Crystals

7. DIY Concrete Mushroom

Cement crafts are also an excellent homemade garden decoration. You could paint them in different colors so they will make your garden colorful and joyful.

8. Decorative Concrete Garden Balls


9. DIY Butterfly Garden Ornament

These homemade butterflies are an excellent idea to decorate your garden fence or to hang them on trees in your garden.

10. Make a Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers

11. DIY Painted Garden Rocks

Painting carving rocks is an ideal homemade ornament. It is a beautiful and a creative idea and most of all it costs you nothing but little time.

12. Birdcage Succulent Planter

13. DIY Glowing Garden Ball


14. Mosaic Stepping Stones


15. Teapot Garden Feature

16. Water Bottle Flowers


17. Turn Copper Wire and Beads into Cute Critters


18. Cute Little Rocks

Crafts are always an adorable garden decoration. They are extremely cute and kids love them.

19. Turn Old Hubcaps into Fabulous Garden Art Flowers


20. Dragonflies Made Out of Furniture Elements

This is another great way to decorate your garden fence.

21. Pink Mosaic Flamingo


22. Whimsical and Fun Ants from Old Golf Balls


23. “Frieda La Frog” From Recycled Tires

Imagination has no limits. This homemade garden decoration is a proof of it. Recycling old tires into a stunning ornament could be what your garden needs.

24. Bicycle Wheel Garden Art


These are the most wonderful Homemade Garden Decorations that you could use to embellish your garden. These decorations are inexpensive and they will definitely add an extra beauty and charm to your garden. You could use more than one decoration for your garden.

Enjoy decorating your garden and tell us which one is your favorite.


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