18 Fantastic Homemade Outdoor Fountains You Can Make YourSelf

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Having a fountain in your outdoor is an extremely ornamental idea. Outdoor Fountains are beautiful and eye-grabbing. They are alluring decorations and they can serve as the centerpieces of your gardens. Buying a beautiful outdoor fountain could be extremely expensive as they are luxurious decorations. Therefore, creating your homemade outdoor fountain is the best alternative. Below you will find the best Homemade Outdoor Fountains to decorate your garden.

1. Small Patio Fountain

If you have a small patio, this is a great idea to decorate it. Adding a small fountain to your patio will definitely make it adorable. If you wish to duplicate this design, you will find a complete Tutorial at Shelterness

2. Pyramidal Pots Water Fountain

You could create a stunning fountain by organizing pots in the shape of a pyramid. It is an easy idea and it is definitely worth trying. The Tutorial for this idea can be found at Flying Kitten

3. Rock Fountain

This elegant looking garden is made of rocks. It is easy to do and it is also inexpensive. Follow the instructions provided by This Old House and you will have this fountain in your garden in no time.

4. Bamboo Fountain

This bamboo fountain is perfect for small gardens. It does not require a large space and it is absolutely decorative. It combines modernity and elegance. Don’t hesitate to install this fountain in your garden by following the guide at Saf Affect.

5. Three-Tiered Garden Fountain


This stunning fountain is one of the most beautiful Homemade Outdoor Fountains. It is completely beautiful and it is exactly what your garden needs to be astonishing. Get the full tutorial at  Instructables.

6. Spiral Water Spray


This fountain is a pleasant addition to any garden. It will definitely make your garden joyful and alive. If you want to learn how to build this enchanting fountain, all you need to do is to follow these instructions at The Gardener.

7. Watering Can Fountain


Well, there is no need to say that this creative fountain is the most inexpensive Homemade Outdoor Fountains. To get this beauty, go ahead and visit  Dawnmarie100.

8. Small Vase Fountain


Even small vases can be turned into fabulous fountains. All you need is the right steps and they are available here at Gardenstew

9. Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain


This relaxing fantastic fountain can be used to decorate gardens and yards. It is small and it is easily made. Just follow these steps at BHG

10. Blue Planters Waterfall


If you are looking for a centerpiece for your garden, you came to the right article. This amazing blue fountain harmonizes well with greens, thus, it will be a perfect ornament in the center of your garden. The full tutorial to create this beautiful fountain can be found at J. Paris Designs

11. Bubble Fountain


This is a simple fountain that can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardens. You could learn how to build this cutie at Today’s Creative Life

12. Disappearing Fountain


This is totally an off the grid fountain. This Homemade Outdoor Fountain is budget friendly, however, it requires more effort. For further information about this fountain and how it is made, you are kindly asked to take a look at Instructables

13. Tea Pot Fountain


Making a fountain out of teapots is definitely off the grid. To learn how to make this unique Homemade Outdoor Fountain, visit  Home Talk for instructions.

14. Large Pot Fountain


What is better than small homemade fountains? definitely big homemade fountains. This ravishing homemade fountain is an excellent choice for large gardens. It adds so much beauty and charm. It will complete any garden. You will find the Instructions to create this lovely fountain at Pond Water Feature Design

15. Ceramic Fountain


Most gardeners buy ceramic fountains as they believe they can’t be created but by professionals. That is not true. If you have basic DIY skills, you could create a beautiful ceramic fountain in your place. See the full tutorial at  Hip House Girl

16. Wine Bottles Fountain


If you are into gardening and alcohol, this is a perfect idea to make use of all the wine, vodka and whiskey bottles you have. If you want to create an enchanting unique fountain out of those empty bottles, visit  Funky Junk Interiors

17. Wine Barrel Fountain


Wine barrels are also an excellent way to create Homemade Outdoor Fountains. If you are interested in knowing how to make such a remarkable fountain, you will find all the required details at hgtv

18. Concrete Fountain


This fountain is definitely one of the most splendid and decorative Homemade Outdoor Fountains. It is completely elegant and beautiful. You could even use for indoor decoration. In order to learn how to create this amazing ornamental fountain, follow the instructions provided by The Family HandyMan.

These are the best and the most beautiful Homemade Outdoor Fountains. These beautiful fountains are easy to create. Most of them do not require any special skills. Don’t hesitate to make one for your garden. All you need to do is to follow the provided instructions.

Enjoy adorning your garden and tell us which one you chose to make.

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