30 Fascinating Succulent planters you should definitely see

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30 Fascinating Succulent planters you should definitely see

Succulents are beautiful plants. They are very diversified and attractive. They are one of the most popular plants used for decoration. Succulents come in different shapes, different colors and of course different sizes. Besides their beauty, succulents are popular because they are tough plants. They tolerate drought and many other tough conditions.

Succulents are also low maintenance plants. They will adorn and brighten up your place without requesting for much care. Therefore, they indeed the best indoor decoration. However, in order to have decorative succulent plants that will appeal to the eyes, it essential that you grow them in beautiful planters. Here are some fascinating succulent planters that will allow you to have an extraordinary ornamental succulent garden.

1. DIY Concrete Planter

This small DIY concrete planter is perfect to plant a small sized succulent plant in it. It is decorative and it can fit into any space. It is ideal to decorate desks and tables.

2. Magic Lantern

If you have an old lantern that you don’t use anymore, it is high time you made use of it again. You can transform it into a succulent planter. Vintage lanterns planted with succulent are eye-grabbing. They are suitable to decorate any room in your house.

3. Teacups

This idea became very popular and widespread. I have seen many people plant succulents in teacups. It is a quite good idea since it results in a very beautiful decoration.

4. Succulent Garden

This is one of the most beautiful succulent planters. This planter blends in well with succulent plants leading to an extremely pleasant and unique succulent garden. If you want to have this artistic decorative succulent garden, follow these instructions.

5. Vintage Cheese Boxes

Repurposing items is very beneficial. Let’s take this item for example. A useless cheese crates repurposed and transformed into a succulent planter. It is both functional and inexpensive.

6. Birdcage

This is certainly one of the most beautiful succulent planters. Transforming a metal birdcage into a succulent planter is definitely a creative and an appealing idea. The birdcage succulent planter will allow you to have an astonishing succulent garden that will draw a smile on your face everytime you look at it.

7. Living Succulent Wreath

Succulent wreaths are not only decorative and beautiful but they are also easy to make. They don’t cost much in terms of money and effort. Besides, they have multiple uses. You can use them to decorate rooms, doors, balconies and any other space that comes to your mind.

8. Succulent Bookends

This is a lovely way to show your succulent plants. Books and succulents are an extremely lovely and adorable combination.

9. Bird Bath

Bird baths are wonderful succulent planters. If you have a birth bath in your garden, you should definitely start planting it with succulents. It will turn into an alluring succulent garden that will serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor space.

10. Birdhouse

This is an extremely creative idea. It is also inexpensive. You can buy a birdhouse to use it as a planter for your succulents. Birdhouses are cheap and they harmonize well with succulent plants.

11. Vintage Book Planter

Most people tend to throw away vintage books. It is true that not all boos are readable and worth keeping, but there are many other ways that you could make use of them, transforming them into succulent planters is one way. It is a creative and pleasant idea. Besides, look at the picture, it is also beautiful.

12. Succulent Rock Garden

Rocks are ideal succulent planters to decorate patios, pathways, and yards. Spread these little rocks around your outdoor space and they will make it look stunning.

13. Tea Tins

Tea tins are ideal succulent planters. They are small and cute and they very colorful. Instead of throwing them away, you should start planting them with succulents.

14. Pumpkin Planters

These are remarkable succulent planters. They are unique and adorable. They will look beautiful anywhere you decide to place them.

15. Wine Cork Magnets

These planters are widely available and I am sure many of you have one or more of them. It is very creative an admirable idea to transform wine works into succulent planters. They are so small that they can fit basically anywhere. Besides, they are very cute.

16. Succulent Bowl

Simple things just like bowls are ideal to grow succulents. How much decorative they, heavily depends on you and your choice of plants. However, they are usually very ornamental.

17. Wooden Hanging Planter

If you can ever get your hand on chopped up pieces of logs, don’t hesitate to purchase them. You can plant succulents in them and hang them and you will have an eye-catching exceptional hanging garden that will definitely decorate any space of your place.

18. Clamshell

If you want to bring a sense of the ocean to your place, use clamshells. They are also perfect planters for succulents. Combining them together will result in an enchanting decorative item.

19. Monogram Letter Garden

This is a wonderful succulent garden. It is very colorful and bright. It is one of the best decorations for your porch or front door. This succulent garden will make your place delightful.

20. Teacup Fairy Garden

This is another modal of teacups as succulent planters. They are very delightful planters. Besides, they are perfect for creating a succulent fairy garden.

21. Glass Bowl

This succulent planter idea although it is simple, it is very classy and chic. It will allow you to have a beautiful classic succulent garden that you can use as a centerpiece in any room.

22. Verticle Pallet Garden

Repurposing old pallets has become a very popular trend. Pallets have versatile uses. They can be used as hanging planters or vertical planters. Either way, they will give you a beautiful garden. Besides, they are extremely cheap that is why they are very popular planters.

23. Framed Living Garden

This is certainly one of the most decorative succulent planters. Many gardeners use old frames as planters for succulents. It is an excellent choice. It usually ends up with giving them an ornamental and attractive vertical living garden. If you want to create this planter, you will find all the instructions in this post.

24. Sand Art Terrarium

Isn’t this a pleasant and an entertaining garden to look at? If you want to have such an artistic ornamental garden in your house, you have to check out this tutorial.

25. Smiling Succulents

These small cute succulent planters will definitely draw a smile on your face whenever you take a look at them. They are pleasant, entertaining and very decorative. They are simply adorable and you definitely should make following these instructions.

26. Balsa Wood Planters

These are another cute planters for succulents. These planters are easy to build and they are, as you can see, very alluring and decorative. If you want to have them, check out this full detailed guide.

27. Pastel Plaster Planters

For those of you who have never used pastel plaster planters, you have missed a lot of beauty and charm. They are beautiful, elegant, bright and chic. They are completely astonishing. For more information, take a look at this post.

28. Spring Succulents

These fabulous succulent planters are made from plastic Easter eggs. They are very cute and appealing. You could also duplicate them easily. All you need to do is to follow this guide.

29. Diamond Hanging Planters

This is another interesting way to decorate your place with succulents using a very attractive hanging planter. This diamond hanging planter is very eye-grabbing and it can be created easily. If you want it, just follow these steps.

30. Brass Succulent Planter

If your house looks dull, you definitely need to sparkle it with these gold shining succulent planters. They are extremely attractive. Since they are very small, they are suitable to decorate desks and tables. The best thing is that these planters are a DIY project. You can learn all about it here.

These are the most fascinating DIY succulent planters. These planters will definitely allow you to have an amazing decorative succulent garden. Besides, all of these planters are DIY projects, they will cost you nothing but a bit of effort.



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