18 beautiful and creative DIY Hot Tub ideas that are affordable

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18 beautiful and creative DIY Hot Tub ideas that are affordable

Hot tubs are highly desired. WHY wouldn’t they be?! they are beautiful, decorative and most of all they are what you need when you are tired. Nothing is like a hot bath to make you feel relaxed especially when it is outdoors in nature. However, most people don’t have hot tubs because they think they are expensive. Some hot tubs are expensive, but others are quite affordable. In this article, we will display a few of the most inexpensive and affordable hot tub ideas. Check them out, believe me, you can afford them.

1. DIY Cedar Hot Tub

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Building a cedar hot tub in your yard is an amazing inexpensive idea. It is true it takes a lot of work and certain skills, but with the right directions and instructions, anyone can have this adorable hot tub. Are you interested? well if you are, you better check this tutorial.

2. Japanese Soaking Hot Tub

This is a beautiful unique hot tub. It is also practical. It contains some steps to the top to make getting in it easier. Behind the Japanese soaking tub, there is the heating mechanism that keeps the tub warm. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tutorial for this design but we truly hope it inspires you.

3. The Chofu Hot Tub

Although it is not a DIY hot tub, it remains really inexpensive in comparison to manufactured hot tubs. It is functional and it is quite affordable. For more information, check out this post.

4. The Concrete Hot Tub

This is one of the best DIY hot tub ideas. This gorgeous hot tub that you can build yourself, is very decorative and very tough. It will last for decades. Besides, the cost of building it is extremely inexpensive. We have a full detailed guide that will lead you a step by a step to building this modal, check it out here.

5. The Natural Hot Tub Design

This is definitely one of the most creative and fascinating hot tub ideas. This idea will not only allow you to enjoy a hot bath outdoor but it will also allow you to enjoy such a pleasant view. This hot tub idea is truly admirable. Putting a hot tub into the ground and decorating it with waterfalls and stones is the best way to make your whole yard stunning.

Although it looks expensive because it is wonderful in all aspects, it is not. This is a DIY project and all DIY projects are affordable. Unfortunately, we don’t have a detailed tutorial for this project but it is an easy one once you are done digging.

6. Hot Tub Solarium

This hot tub idea solves the problem of all hot tubs which is privacy. Hot tubs are not private and you would hate being watched by your neighbor while taking a hot bath. Thus, the solution is to shelter your hot tub and the best way to do it is to place it inside a greenhouse. Details and instructions are available in this post.

7. DIY Pallet Hot Tub

This is the simplest, the easiest and the most inexpensive hot tub idea. It makes use of old materials by combining them together into forming this gorgeous hot tub. This hot tub will almost cost you no money. You probably already have most of the items required to build it. All you need is to follow this tutorial.

8. An Inground Hot Tub


This hot tub costs more than the previous one. If you have funds, it will be beneficial to invest them in this project. It is a DIY project but it is more expensive than the previous projects because it is bigger, wider and more elegant. The tutorial for this hot tub can be found here.

9. Stock Tank Pool

A tank pool is one of the most affordable and practical DIY hot tub ideas. It is perfect for families because it can accommodate the whole family members. Tank pools are very popular and widespread. They are easy to install and they are really low maintenance. If you want to build one in your yard, this article will show you how.

10. The $300 Solar Hot Tub

This hot tub is perfect for people who are on a tight budget and they don’t want to dedicate their time to a DIY project. It costs three hundred dollars and it can accommodate up to two people. It is perfect for couples.

11. Salt Water Hot Tub

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Having salt water hot tub is beneficial for your health. It extracts poisonous substances out of your body. Besides, they pretty much cost the same as normal hot tubs. For more information, you should read this article.

12. DIY Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Wood is the best material to create a hot tub. It is expensive, sturdy and most of all blends in well with any outdoor space. This tutorial will teach you how to build a hot tub from the woods even if you don’t have any DIY skills. Just follow the tutorial and you will have a fabulous hot tub.

13.  The Rubbermaid Hot Tub

Check out your local feed store and if you ever come across a Rubbermaid stock tank, don’t hesitate it to buy it. It will make a terrific hot tub. Rubbermaid stock tanks are extremely cheap, thus, they are perfect for people who are on a tight budget. Once you buy one, just follow this tutorial and you will have an amazing hot tub.

14. DIY Hot Tub Steps

When you are about building a hot tub by yourself, you should keep in mind that building steps is essential to make access to your tub easy as well ass to prevent you from hurting yourself. If you don’t know how to build steps, this easy to follow guide will show you how.

15. The Inflatable Hot Tub

DIY hot tub ideas do not mean that you will build a hot tub from scratch, sometimes it means that you buy an inexpensive hot tub and install it by yourself. One of the best hot tubs to buy is the inflatable hot tub. It is beautiful, safe and really affordable.

16. Wood-Fired Stone Masonry Hot Tub

This hot tub looks too good to be a DIY project because it is in fact not a DIY project but it made it to the list because it is one of the most beautiful hot tubs ever. It is attractive, fancy, decorative and most of all it is entertaining. It will bring you pleasure just by looking at it.

17. One Person Hot Tub for $100

If you are single, there is nothing stopping you from getting a hot tub for yourself. You deserve to have a nice relaxing time. This hot tub, for example, costs 100 bucks. It accommodates only one person. Being very small may be an advantage since you can install this hot tub indoors. Besides, it is extremely easy to build. Here are the instructions.

18. Restoring a Hot Tub

This is one of the most popular hot tub ideas. It consists that you buy a broken a hot tub and to fix it yourself. This way you will save a lot of money and a lot of time.

These are the most beautiful and creative hot tub ideas. These ideas will allow you to have a fascinating pleasing hot tub outdoors. All these ideas are inexpensive and affordable no matter how tight is your budget. Enjoy.


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