9 Exercises To Burn Abdominal Fat In 14 Days

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Bidding farewell to abdominal fat proves to be one of the most demanding aspects of weight loss. While the desire for a toned midsection is universal, the journey to achieve it is no walk in the park.

To conquer abdominal fat, it takes more than just a balanced diet and mental commitment; it requires a targeted set of exercises designed to incinerate stomach fat. Read on and engage in the prescribed exercises to torch those excess calories and bid adieu to flabs:

Butterfly Crunch

Butterfly Crunch
  1. Lie on your back on an exercise mat with the soles of your feet together and your arms extended over your head.
  2. Keep your back straight on the floor and lift your shoulders off the ground, simultaneously lifting your pelvis off the mat.
  3. Contract the muscles in your stomach as you bring your hands and knees toward each other, forming a full-body crunch.
  4. Hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds, feeling the squeeze in your abs.
  5. Lower your arms, bring your feet down, and return to the starting position.
  6. Complete 10 repetitions.

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