9 incredibly decorative trees for pool landscaping

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9 incredibly decorative trees for pool landscaping

The surroundings of your pool especially the landscaping around it have a great impact on the beauty of your pool. In fact, they determine how beautiful and attractive your pool is. You can’t have a decorative beautiful pool unless it is surrounded by an alluring landscaping. Therefore, the plants you grow around your pool should be well chosen and well designed. Therefore, in this post, we will give the most decorative trees for pool landscaping. These trees will contribute greatly to the beauty and charm of your pool.

1. Palm Trees

Palm trees and a pool at night

Palm trees are simply incredible. They are so adorable and attractive. There are many species of palm trees that look astonishing around pools such as Sabal palm, Queen’s palm, Sago palm, Cane Palm, Windmill palm, and Mediterranean fan palm.

Palm trees are very popular not only because they are very attractive and ornamental but also because they are very low maintenance and they survive for decades. They are definitely a nice addition to any pool.

2.  Citrus Trees

A lemon tree in front of a house

Citrus trees are one of the best trees for pool landscaping. These awesome beautiful trees will add colors, personality, and joy to your pool, garden, and patio. They are also very productive trees. Besides decorating your pool, they will provide you with a fresh generous yield of citrus.

Citrus trees can be grown in containers. Growing them in containers will allow you to move them around your place. Although most varieties of citrus trees are suitable to grow in containers, we strongly recommend dwarf varieties.

3. Banana trees

Banana tree with leaves and bananas

Although banana trees are not actual trees, we added them to the list simply because they pretty much look like trees. This beautiful plant is native to Southeast Asia. There are many reasons to grow banana trees. First of all, they have a remarkable golden color that will draw attention to your pool. Second, they are the best source of potassium. Third, bananas prevent heart diseases.

4. Japanese Maples

A Japanese maple in a garden

These plants originate from Japan and Korea. They fall under the category of trees as well as shrubs.  They usually grow up to 20 feet which is their average height. They are widely admired for their unique shape and leaves. They are extremely decorative and eye-grabbing. They will be a beautiful addition to any yard, garden, and pool.

5. False Cypress

Variegated false cypress trees made in a hedge

Chamaecyparis, commonly known as False Cypress is a very beautiful and decorative tree. There are many varieties of false cypress. Each variety has a certain height. their height usually ranges between 2 and 25 feet. The most two popular and widespread varieties are ‘Nana Lutea’ and ‘ Crippsi’.

6. Floss Silk Tree

A floss silk tree

This fabulous creepy tree originates from Brazil and other South American countries. Its botanical name is Ceiba speciosa. This tree is popular in many parts of US, especially in California. It has been used there for decoration since the beginning of the 20th century. It is distinguished by large spikes or studded thorns on its greenish trunk and branches.

7. Fruitless Olive Trees

An olive tree

Olea europea is native to the Mediterranean. It has a unique willow-like foliage that makes it very attractive and pleasant to look at. Their average height is 25 feet but they may grow up to 30 feet. They are very good looking trees that you will definitely appreciate having them around your pool.

8. Ironwood

Olneya tesota in profile

Olneya tesota, commonly known as hop hornbeam, is a dwarf shade-loving plant that is grown in different countries for ornamental purposes. It has remarkable pale green leaves that attract the eyes. This tree is an excellent decorative choice for your swimming pool.

9. Palo Verde

Paloverde tree in full bloom

Palo verde is one of the most beautiful trees for pool landscaping. These trees are wonderful and unique in ever aspect. As it is demonstrated in the above picture, Paloverde is an extremely alluring tree. Opting for it to decorate your swimming pool will be a very wise choice.

There are many varieties of Paloverde. The most popular and coveted varieties are Blue, Foothill, Soronan, and Mexican.

These are the most incredible trees for pool landscaping. These trees will definitely add so much beauty to your pool and its surrounding. Besides, all these trees are inexpensive and low maintenance.

Enjoy decorating your swimming pool and tell us which tree caught your attention the most in the comments below.

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