9 Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings In Water

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9 Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings In Water

If you ever have wondered what are the easiest plants to grow? Then, you will find your answer today. Easy grown plants mean plants that do not need a lot of care and their growth requirements are simple.

What could be easier than growing a plant from cutting and in water only? Many people grow plants from cuttings, many others plant them in water, but is it possible to do both together? Yes, indeed, it is possible but only with a few plants.

Below we have selected the 9 plants that can grow from cuttings in water. What will surprise you is that some of these plants are not only grown for decoration, but also for feed. Please go ahead read and let us know which one you’re considering growing.

English Evy

This plant is one of the most commonly grown indoor decorative plants. It has an eye-drawing shape and it can be used to decorate any room with a window. To grow English Evy, you can cut a healthy young green branch and put in a glass of water.


Could you have guessed that Basil, one of the most popular healthy herbs in the world, is also one of the easiest plants to grow? Basil, the delicious herb that can be used for decoration and consumption, can be grown by placing its cutting in water. The plant will grow, not as much as it usually grows in soil, but you will be able to enjoy some leaves.


Pothos is a lovely plant with beautiful eye-catching heart shapes foliage that you will having around the house. Besides its beauty, this ornamental plant is air purifying and it only takes a glass of water and one cutting to grow it and multiply it as long as you keep it warm and provide it with enough sunlight.


The cutting of Croton should be a young branch with few leaves. Its height should be within 3 to 5 inches at contains at least 2 leaves. The only one care this plant requires is to change the water every 2 to 3 days. The rooting will take place within four to six weeks.

Dracaena Marginata

This is another decorative plant that you can grow indoors easily. You will need a branch that has at least two nodes as shown in the below picture. The cutting will develop root and keep growing but at some point, you will need to transplant it into a bigger pot. Unfortunately, this is not the plant you can always keep in a glass of water

African Violet

African Violet is one of the few plants that can actually grow even from leaves. You don’t need a branch with leaves to grow this plant but only the leaves. The leaves will develop a root system in about 3 to 4 weeks and sprout in 6 to 8 weeks.

Spider Plant

One of the most amazing plants in the world. This spider looking plant is popular due to its shape that gave it the name. Besides decorating the room, the plant will also purify the air as it is among the best air purifying plants.

Inch Plant

This creepy plant also known as wandering Jew is among the plants that can grow anywhere including a glass of water. Its shape and dark purple color are catchy and it will definitely attract attention in any room. To grow it, you will need a cutting with 3 to 5 leaves and put it in a spot where it can get at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight 

Arrowhead Vine

ArrowHead Vine needs only indirect Sunlight and water to survive and grow. Besides the charm of its arrow head shaped leaves, its root system is complicated and if you grow it in a transparent glass or jar, you will get to something that looks like the picture

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