20 Affordable And Beautiful DIY Backyard Seating Area Ideas

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Warm weather calls for outdoor entertaining of all kinds, from midsummer night cocktail parties to low-key weekday dinners. In these instances, furniture can make all the difference between a celebration that sinks or soars. After all, bulky or poorly arranged pieces can inhibit movement, hinder conversation, and make hosting cumbersome.

That is decidedly not the case with these inventive setups, which are as practical as they are arresting. A daybed repurposed as a chaise, a banquette strewn with colorful pillows and cushions, a lounge suspended from the ceiling: These inviting displays are more than just seating options—they create intimacy, make clever use of space, and are conversation starters in their own right.

Check on for a collection of creative outdoor seating ideas from our archives.

This is a royal design for people who are into fancy furniture.  It is probably expensive. But, the way I see it, it is totally worth it.

This is a simple alluring design.  It is also romantic. It is suitable for people who like sophisticated yards. It works as the centerpiece decoration for any garden or yard.

This is an extremely modern and beautiful backyard seating area. I love the harmony of the place. It is so peaceful and relaxing.

This is another modern design. What makes this design unique is that it makes you feel the nature around you.

This beautiful contemporary design is also quite simple. It does not take a lot of effort to duplicate it.

this is another amazing DIY backyard seating area idea. It is also affordable.

This is simple, cheap, but extremely beautiful DIY backyard seating area idea.

This is a chic DIY backyard seating area idea. Its beautify relies heavily on the fact that is made of only two colors.

This is a very popular DIY backyard seating area idea. Part of its popularity is due to the fact that this is the easiest to do idea. It is really simple and does not require much effort. Even if you lack DIY skills, you could duplicate this beautiful design easily.

This one is also among my favorite. It is simple and classy. Besides, it is not complicated and it does not occupy a lot of space.  It is perfect for people who have a small space.

This is another excellent DIY backyard seating area idea. This idea is ideal for people who don’t have a large space.

If you have a large backdoor you want to invest in, you came to the right place. This idea is perfect for you. It will transform your large backyard into an extremely attractive and decorative seating are.


This design is a beautiful extension to any house. If you want a backyard seating are that makes you feel you are inside your house, this is the perfect idea for it.

This is a simple wooden DIY backyard seating area idea. It is beautiful and charming. Besides, it is easy to create this design.

This is an amazing design. This design is just too beautiful to describe it in words. It is simply a 10/10 design.

This design is one of the few designs that will make you wish to live there. It is extremely unique and beautiful. It does not matter how much it costs, if I could afford it, I would build it.

This is the most inexpensive design in this selection. However, it is ranked among the most beautiful ones too. It is simple, classic but also charming. It is the best design to enjoy some sunlight, read a book and relax.

If you are looking for a rare mixture of modernity and nature, you found what you are looking for. This unique design, besides being modern, it is heavily based on nature.

This is another simple design consists of a delicate wite table and two white chairs. What makes this design unique is its unity and harmony with the backyard.

This is a creative simple DIY backyard seating area idea. It consumes neither a lot of effort nor a lot of time. You can have this design done in one day.


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