How To Completely Decorate Your Plain Clay Pot In Astonishing Ways

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Is there someone who doesn’t love flowers? I don’t think so! Flowers help us make our homes and gardens look more beautiful. Do you have clay pots in your home? Here I’m going to show you How To Decorate Your Plain Clay Pot In Amazing Ways. We often get bored with designs, so with easy and simple DIY projects we can easily update them and give them totally different looks. Your clay pots will look nothing like before, and it will be like you have bought brand new ones! The possibilities are endless and there are so many different materials that you can work with. Are you ready to get down to work to recreate your favorite designs? Scroll down through the photos and see what I’m talking about!

Are you a fan of chalkboard paint? Color the pots with it, and you can label the herb and plants in the pots in a cool way.

Are you good at painting? It’s time to show off your artistic skills and turn those monotonous clay pots into masterpieces. You are going to be amazed by the final results, believe me!

These DIY crafts are just perfect for those who aren’t very crafty and skilled. You can decorate your pots within a few minutes with a small amount of money. If you were looking for cheap ideas, you are in the right place. Check out the rest of the designs and give a character to the old, boring and dull pots.

Use doilies and glue to create some elegant and sophisticated designs that will catch everyone’s attention. This project is easy as 1,2,3.

The more pots you have, the more versatile designs you get the chance to make. Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and prints. Have fun while decorating!

Are you into the rustic style? The design below will take you back for sure. Use wood and a glue gun to get an awesome design. This DIY project is as easy as a pie. Why don’t you give it a try soon?

Once you decorate your pots in these contemporary designs, they will fit in your modern interiors with ease. Have you already found the pot decor that will match your existing home decor the most? If not yet, we have five more designs. Don’t miss them!

What do you say about glittering and sparkling designs? They are attention-grabbing, super girly and very classy! Write your favorite quotes on them and use them to decorate your interiors in an awesome way.

Choose lots of colors and paint both the outside and the inside part of the pot in different colors. You are going to love the fun and colorful pots!

The marble designs work great on terracotta pots as well! Mix the colors you prefer and get a stunning design. In this way, you can get some pretty unique designs.

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