Dance Your Way to Toned Abs: A 5-Minute Daily Routine!

2 min

Dance off the flab with this quick 5-minute ab routine! 🕺✨ Toning has never been this fun!

Chasing the dream of killer abs? It’s more than just routine crunches. Dive into our vibrant fitness plan, crafted for those seeking a sculpted core without sacrificing their daily grind. Just five minutes a day for a month, and you’re on the path to a fitter you.

  • Five-minute workout, five days a week.
  • Progress to a new workout each week.
  • Enjoy two rest days weekly for flexibility.

Forearm Plank With Knee Dip

  • Begin in a forearm plank position.
  • Alternate bending knees to tap the ground.
  • Maintain stable and square hips.
Forearm Plank With Knee Dip
Ruben Chamorro

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