15 Flowers to Use in Hanging Baskets: Amazing ornamental ideas

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flowers to use in hanging baskets

No one disagrees that flowers are a fabulous decoration. They are beautiful, attractive and some of them are pleasant smelling too. They are definitely a popular decor. However, if you want to think out of the box and come up with a really impressive decoration, perhaps you should try decorating your place with flowers in hanging baskets.

Flowers in hanging baskets are a unique embellishment. They are not only off the grid, but they are also practical. They don’t occupy any space in your place and taking care of them is easier. Unfortunately, not all flowers could be used in hanging baskets. There are some particular varieties for this use.

Therefore, in this post, we will provide you with a list of the most amazing and decorative flowers to use in hanging baskets. Check them out.

1. Petunia


Petunia is a beautiful flower and very popular in hanging baskets. It fits perfectly in a hanging basket and it is extremely eye-catching. Moreover, Petunia blooms beautifully.  There are many varieties of petunia and each variety comes in different color. However, all its varieties are ideal for hanging baskets.

2. Portulaca


It is also known as moss rose. Portulaca is widely used to cover the ground. Due to its colorful flowers and beautiful foliage, it is one of the best decorative plants. It also grows in containers and hanging baskets. However, growing Portulaca in hanging baskets is more alluring than growing it in containers.

3. Begonia


This is a wonderful plant to grow in hanging baskets. It comes in different colors such as pink, red and white. One of its unique features is that it blooms in summer and fall.  Begonia needs partial sun or a shady place to grow. It also likes moist soil. However, be careful of overwatering as this flower is prone to roots rot.

If you decide to grow Begonia in hanging baskets, opt for the trailing varieties, they are the best for hanging baskets.

4. Geranium


Geranium is an excellent choice for using flowers in hanging baskets. You will need to provide it with a well-drained soil and put it in a sunny position. In this way, Geranium will thrive to become one of the most beautiful decorative plants in hanging baskets.

5. Verbena


When it comes to decoration, Verbena is one of the most popular flowers. This flower comes in a wide range of colors. You could find it in pink, purple, white, red and lavender etc. Choose the color that suits your decoration the best. Besides, it constantly blooms in summer

6. Fuchsia


Fuchsia is definitely among the flowers to use in hanging baskets. It is a very beautiful colorful plant. When it is hung in baskets, it looks extremely elegant. This wonderful flower blooms in deep pink or orange with purple or white. For growing Fuchsia in hanging baskets, you will need to protect it from direct sunlight.

7. Impatiens


Since Impatiens flowers are shady plants that grow best in shades, it highly recommended that you use this flower for indoor decoration. Growing impatiens in a hanging basket will definitely be a nice addition to your indoor. It will make your place colorful as this flower comes in different colors such as salmon, cherry, pink, white and lavender.

8. Dianthus


There are over 300 varieties of Dianthus and all of them are fit to use in hanging baskets. Dianthus is a famous flower for its versatility. It could be used for indoor decoration, ground cover, and outdoor ornament. However, growing Dianthus is hanging baskets is one of its best decorative uses.

9. Pansy


It is definitely one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers. Pensy is an exceptional flower, besides being an extremely beautiful decoration that will brighten up any place, it is also a low maintenance flower. It grows fast and does not need much attention. It is also extremely colorful.

10. Lobelia


If you are looking for law maintenance flowers to use in hanging baskets, Lobelia is definitely among them. It is known for its unique remarkable color that catches the attention.  It blooms during summer in blue, purple, pink or white.

11. Sweet Alyssum


Sweet Alyssum is definitely one of the best flowers to use in hanging baskets. It is beautiful but most of all it is fragrant too. Sweet Alyssum is known for releasing a beautiful sweet scent.  It will make your house joyful and smells great.

12. Lantana


This flower has all the amazing features that everyone is looking for. It is colorful, fragrant and most of all a good choice for hanging baskets. Lantana is definitely a marvelous choice.

13. Calibrachoa


Calibrachoa is known is many regions as the “Million bells”. What makes this flower a unique decoration is that it blooms during all summer.

14. Cape daisies

Cape daisies

This is a very ornamental flower to use in hanging baskets. It comes in different colors that include yellow pink and purple. Cape daisies is a low maintenance flower that can endure abuse and neglect. It also tolerates drought very well.

There are a lot of decorative drought-tolerant flowers, we gathered the most beautiful ones in this article.

15. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny

This flower is grown mainly for decorative purposes. It had an extremely noticeable yellow foliage that will take your breath away. It is also an adaptable flower that can grow both in sunny spots and shady spot which make it an excellent choice for hanging baskets.

These are the best 15 flowers to use in hanging baskets. They are strong and they are completely charming. They will make your place looks more appealing. Besides these flowers are low maintenance, you won’t need to spend a lot of time taking care of them.

You could also use fragrant flowers in hanging baskets. They will add a joyful pleasant smell to your place. Here is a list of the most fragrant decorative flowers.

Besides, flowers, there are some flowering plants that are known for their beauty and charm. They are also widely used as decorative houseplants. If you are interested, then here is a selection of the best decorative houseplants that you could use to adorn your house.

Enjoy gardening and decorating your place and if you ever need our help, we remain at your disposal.

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