16 Best Large Indoor Plants to decorate your house and office

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Best indoor large plants

Growing indoor plants is popular because it is easier than growing outdoor plants. Besides, growing indoor plants is beneficial. It will clean up the air you are breathing. They will allow you to breathe a fresher air creating a healthier environment. Indoor plants are also an extremely beautiful decoration, especially the large Indoor plants.

Large indoor plants are spectacular and they make your house look like a tropical heaven. However, not all large plants are fit to grow indoor. Most of the large plants need direct sunlight to thrive. But, there are some large plants that perfectly grow and thrive indoors.

Large indoor plants bring charm and positive vibes to the room. They blend well with furniture and they are easy to grow. In fact, most large indoor plants are low maintenance plants. In this post, we enlisted the best large indoor plants that will definitely make your interior adorable.

1. Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine

This is one of the most favorite large houseplants. It is majestic and it grows up to 3 m tall. It is extremely decorative and blends well with colors. However, this beautiful plant is not a low maintenance plan. It requires care and attention. You will need to expose it to sunlight and protect it from drafts. It also prefers moist soil.

2. Rubber Plants

Rubber Plants

Rubber Plants are famous decorative large indoor plants. These plants are very noticeable and eye-catching. They are big and beautiful and they have a unique attractive shape. Besides, they are really low-maintenance and they don’t need much observation. You could buy Rubber Plants at Amazon for $50.

3. Caesalpinia


It is more known with its common name “Bird of Paradise”.  These alluring large indoor plants usually reach 6 feet tall.  They are dark green and they have charming leaves. They are mostly used for living room decorations. In order for Caesalpinia to grow, it needs bright sunlight and a high degree of humidity.

Bird of paradise will astonish you with its beautiful blooming in 3 to 4 years. If you are patient, you will enjoy an extremely beautiful view. This adorable plan is available at Amazon for 40 dollars.

4. Yucca


This is one of the toughest plants. It can endure neglect, lack of watering and any kind of abuse. Thus, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor embellishment. It only requires heavy exposure to sunlight. In fact, the height of this plant depends on the amount of sunlight it gets.

Yucca is also a drought-tolerant plant. As a matter of fact, this plant doesn’t like to be watered too much. It can survive for weeks without a single drop of water. Therefore, it is better to let the soil completely dry before your water it. If you like to learn more about Yucca, here is a useful article contains all the required information.

If you like low-maintenance plants, you definitely want to check these fabulous decorative indoor drought-tolerant flowers.

5. Dracaena


Dracaena is commonly known as the Dragon Tree. It is absolutely an amazing decorative large indoor plants. This plant is also rare which makes it expensive. However, its beauty and elegance are worth paying any price for. It will brighten up any room and make it joyful.  You could purchase Dracaena on Houzz.com for 225 dollars.

6. Caryota


It is also called Fishtail Palm. This is the plant you need when you wish to add to tropical touch to your indoor. Due to its bushy palm, Caryota is one of the plants that attract attention the most. However, it also one of the plants that need care the most. It requires regular watering and heavy exposure to sunlight.

7. Kentia palm

Kentia palm

Its scientific name is Howea Forsteriana.  It got its name because it originates from Lord Howe Island in Australia. Kentia palm is one of the toughest plants of the palm variety. It is firm and it is also a low-maintenance plant which makes it a very popular large indoor plant. It is largely used to decorate offices and stores.

8. Olive trees

Olive trees

If you are into elegant sophisticated natural decorations, Olive trees are the best option you could opt for. They are really an amazing decor. They are beautiful, they blend well with modern furniture and they are tall enough to be remarkable. In fact, the smallest varieties grow up to 6 feet tall. They cost about 70 bucks.

9. Philodendron


Although it is not very large, it is categorized among the most beautiful large plants for indoor decoration. The tallest variety of this family is the Philodendron selloum. This is a low maintenance houseplant that requires indirect sunlight and occasional watering.

10. Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant

It is also called Schefflera. This plant had an extremely unique shape of an umbrella. It is a very beautiful plant, but, it is not well known. Thus, if you ever decide to adorn one of your rooms with this plant, you will have a rare decoration.

Umbrella plants can reach 10 feet in height. Smaller varieties such as the dwarf varieties are also available. These plants are totally low-maintenance and sturdy plants that could literally survive any conditions. You could find them on Etsy for 149 dollars.

11. Croton


Corton is also known as Codiaeum. It is an alluring popular large indoor plant. It has a unique color and shape that definitely will draw attention to any room. It is an exceptional low-maintenance decoration. Corton grows up to 10 feet tall.

12. Money trees

Money trees

These are famous recognizable trees. They are popular mainly because of the myth that revolves around them. They say these trees bring luck and money. There are different varieties of money trees. Make sure you choose an indoor variety because outdoor varieties could grow up to 60 feet tall.

13. Ficus


If you are looking for a long-lasting decorative indoor large plant, then Ficus is the ultimate choice. This splendid tall plant lives for thousands of years.  There are a lot of Fiscus indoor varieties such as rubber tree, weeping fig, and fiddle leaf fig. The latter is available on Amazon for a fair price.

14. Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica or False castor is one of the most popular large houseplants. It has uniquely shaped leaves on the form of fingers, therefore, it is also called “finger plant”. It is also popular for its charming dark green foliage. Besides being a low maintenance, this plant is one of the best air purifying plants. In brief, this plants has it all.

15. Parlour Palm

Parlour palm

Perhaps this is the best variety of the palm family. It is also the most popular variety. Parlour palm is an extremely wanted and desired plant. That is completely normal as this plant is one of the most beautiful plants in the world. It is largely used in decorating offices, living rooms, and in companies’ waiting rooms.

It is one of the most inexpensive decorative plants. You could buy on Amazon.com for only 13 bucks.

16. Bamboo


Although many people believe that growing Bamboo indoor is impossible, they are quite wrong. There are several varieties of bamboo that are suitable for growing indoors. If you want to grow this lovely delicate plant indoor, you better choose one of these indoor varieties.

These are the best decorative indoor large plants. These plants vary in term of size and price. However, one thing they all share is the beauty. They are extremely beautiful and will definitely make your indoor as remarkable as possible.

If you want to see more decorative plants, check out this wonderful list of the best flowering houseplants.

Enjoy decorating your indoor and let us know if you need any help.

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